Wednesday, July 9, 2014

T-Minus 16 Days...Let the count down begin!!

Delaney's Broviac or central line, an IV port with double lumens, that goes to her directly to her heart, is scheduled to be removed on July 25th. Delaney will be sedated for the removal of the Broviac and a lumbar puncture will be performed at the same time. The Broviac was placed in October of last year, it will have been in for 10 months. The Broviac has allowed Delaney to receive antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, sedation, IV fluids and much more. It provides instant access (especially when she was neutropenic with fever) without the need for constant and repeated needle sticks. On the other hand it is a big infection risk, the dressing must be changed every 7 days as well as the lumen caps. The dressing changes require it to be a sterile process, sterile gloves, masks worn by Mommy, Daddy and Delaney and all medical supplies are sterile. Delaney needs to completely still for the best results of good clean dressing change. But every single day Delaney's Broviac lines must accessed by Mommy and Daddy to be "locked" with heparin. The heparin prevents blood from entering the Broviac lines and clotting. All said and done Delaney will have had nearly 60 dressing changes (some daily at UCSF because of the chemotherapy) and well over 120 cap changes. It has taken a lot of work tracking, changing, and managing her Broviac and Broviac lines. It will be a big day, but until then mommy and daddy must remain vigilant towards Delaney's Broviac in every way. We are literally counting down the days! Thank you for all the prayers love and support. As always ...... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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