Thursday, October 31, 2013


We are home. After 5 days at the hospital. Delaney remained strong through the night and did not vomit until this morning around 8 am. Mommy and Daddy were right by her side, suctioning what we could as she was vomiting, and consoling her at the same time. Nurses were at her bed side soon after, helping clean up Delaney, linens on the bed, and get more medications to administer. Mommy and Daddy hate to see Delaney vomit, but we do our best to manage it, because Delaney cannot explain or tell us what does not feel good. After Delaney was happy, and talking. We met with the oncologist doctor, and discussed everything in great detail and length. The oncologist doctor said once her eighteen hour IV drip was finished we could be discharged also she could not vomit again before we left. Her IV drip would be complete at 1pm. In the mean time Physical therapy came by, but it did not last long because Delaney was not feeling well. This was a morning to take things slow, and it was going to be on Delaney's schedule. 1 pm came, Delaney had not vomited, but just relaxed and played in bed, talking to Mommy and Daddy. Sadie one if her favorite therapy dogs came by to give and get love from Delaney. We were then discharged, we were all ready to go home. Mommy and Daddy had 5 days and nights of balled up, heavy emotions that we cannot simply explain or have others understand, unless you are living it or have lived it. Mommy and Daddy are exhausted (for lack if a better term), on the flip side we glance over at Delaney and are quickly reminded about who is really doing all the work, and has emotions that she cannot express or explain. It is then when there seems to be a splinter or clarity and we can breath for one moment, find that motivation, to make Delaney smile, make her comfortable, and help her fight through this. As we do every single day we give Delaney every single last ounce of ourselves for her. Delaney got a well needed nap on the ride back home from Oakland Kaiser. Grandma and brother were at home waiting for Delaney to arrive. She took turns sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's arms for most if the evening. Grandpa stopped by after work to check on Delaney and tell her he loved her. Mini Merlin and Delaney were playing with toys in the play room, and Delaney vomited again. It is rough, cancer, chemotherapy reaches out effects every little last area of your life and family. Back to cleaning up, administering medications, and preparing to do another dressing change over the Broviac, a sterile process. Delaney did very well at this, she was such a good help staying still while we removed the dressing and cleaned and applied the new dressing. Delaney went to bed later than usual, but that goes with coming home and adjusting. The chemotherapy takes a toll on Delaney, but she is fierce, she smiles, and still finds ways to play with brother, and make us smile. One day at a time. We want to express that every card received, gift, post on Facebook and every thing in between for Delaney is not missed by our family. Those gestures alone really make emotions pour out of us. Thank you Team Delaney. Thank you for all the prayers, support and love. As always ..... GO TEAM DELANEY!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chemo Day 3 Round 2

Delaney slept solid through the night from 7pm until about 5 am. There was no episode of vomiting to report and for us it is a small victory. As it was the night before, we were up constantly changing diapers and linens on the bed when the diaper could not hold everything that she was wasting. Blood draws were at 4:30AM this morning and Daddy helped draw the blood for more practice and it was comforting for Delaney to have Daddy do it. This rolled into 5 AM and was the start of the day for Delaney. It began with watching The Little Mermaid! Mommy and Daddy tried their best to stay awake during the whole movie but we have to admit we both missed some scenes because our eye lids gave out on us. Today is a rough day for chemotherapy. It will consist of 2 drugs over a total of 7 hours. Not only will this take a toll on Delaney's body, it also has one if the biggest side effects, that being nausea. It can last can last up for 7 days after administration. Before the chemotherapy started Mommy and Daddy got Delaney ready to go for a ride in her Radio Flyer bike, and we did quite a few laps. This brought a smile to Delaney's face and she did not want to stop. However, it was tough on Mommy and Daddy to tell her we had to stop, but we had to get her back in bed so the treatment could begin. She had many ups and downs today with her mood, if you looked at Delaney the wrong way, you were bound to set her off in a mood swing. But with what she is going through she is entitled to a little bit of that. The mood swings are partly due to still being in the hospital after 4 days, but also the mixture of medications which she is on and the chemotherapy. Mommy and Daddy were worked hard today, but then they thought about what Delaney was going through and it was a quick change on our outlook, our day was not so bad. However, we did have more ups than downs. Delaney completed her chemotherapy at 630PM today. She endured the treatment with no vomiting or any obvious signs if discomfort. From there Delaney moved right on to a 18 hour IV drip. She will have 2 more out patient chemotherapy sessions the next two weeks to complete cycle 2. Delaney actually showed interest in going into the play room here at the hospital. She really enjoyed playing with all of the Potato Head toys. She wanted to go on walks with either Mommy or Daddy holding her on their shoulder or riding in her Radio Flyer bike. Our little fierce fighter proved once again she can take on anything made to break the spirit, body, and mind. In turn, laughing and smiling, right back in the face of adversity. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support! As always..........GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday Update and Progress

The night involved changing diapers constantly due to the MESNA drip over twenty hours. Delaney did not vomit last night and this is a relief to mommy and daddy. Delaney woke up happy and loving. Today was the start of day 2 of chemotherapy. She was a little more irritable today due to the chemotherapy. We met with the oncologist and talked about the treatment for today, it will consist 2 chemotherapy medications followed by another twenty hour MESNA IV drip. Like yesterday the nurse started the anti nausea medications 1 hour prior to chemotherapy, and treatment started right after that. Today grandma, grandpa, and of course her biggest fan ( little brother Merlin ) came to cheer Delaney on. Delaney did well and held her own through out the treatment. There were times where she was more irritable, and seemed nauseous, but powered through and has not vomited today. It is still extreme tough to for mommy and daddy, amongst all that goes on there is so much stress and anxiety that must be pushed down and away to stay stay focused for Delaney. She felt good enough go out in her Radio Flyer bike, to say hi and scare some of the nurses with a tiny light up pumpkin that made a witch like sound. This was very funny to her. Delaney also made a 5 second video clip saying "GO TEAM DELANEY ..... THANK YOU". It is another early night for Delaney, she fell asleep at 7pm. We are hoping she sleeps well. She will need her rest for the chemotherapy she will get tomorrow. Cisplatin, out of all of her chemotherapy drugs, has the most negative side effects including more nausea/vomiting and will lower her counts significantly. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always GO TEAM DELANEY!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday Update / Day 1 of Round 2

Last night was a little rough getting settled in, but Delaney woke up in a good mood. She still continues not to have much of an appetite or want to drink. This will continue to be a work in progress. Today Uncle Travis and Aunt Lacey came to cheer Delaney on, also not to forget the nurses and doctors on floor 10. Uncle Travis and aunt Lacey brought a few things to help Delaney get through the day, especially a cool, black, Team Delaney pumpkin. The plan for the day was to begin with anti-nausea medications at 930AM, and allow time for the medicine to take effect. Followed by starting chemotherapy around 1030AM. Chemotherapy will consist of Delaney receiving 3 different chemotherapy drugs and 1 rescue drug, MESNA, this will protect her bladder from aggressive chemotherapy. Today her chemotherapy treatment concluded around 2pm. After that she will be on her MESNA IV drip for twenty hours. Over the course of the chemotherapy Delaney did very well. As the afternoon and night went on the affects of chemotherapy were present. She began to have less energy, and seemed to become nauseated. Later this evening Delaney did vomit a little. Even though it is a little, it is something we try to manage. Fortunately Delaney's oncologist does not like for his patients to be sick, so he has several antiemetics on her file to help prevent the nausea. It looks like an early night for all of us tonight. Second day of round 2 will start tomorrow around the same time. Delaney will get 2 chemotherapy drugs along with the MESNA again. We are hoping for an uneventful night and a good day tomorrow. Looks like Delaney will fall asleep on Daddy again and Daddy will follow shortly after. In fact Daddy is drifting off as I finish this update. Thank you for the continued prayers and support. We are still in awe of the number of supporters our baby girl has and the flood of positive thoughts we continue to receive. Thank you all! GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!!!"

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Heading for Round 2

Tonight Delaney will be admitted for round 2 of her chemotherapy. It will start tomorrow and they will most likely be in the hospital throughout Halloween. So as we have all learned from Delaney to live in the moment, Grandpa and Grandma wanted to bring a little Halloween to her now and take a family photo.

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

Friday Night Highlights

Delaney woke up at 6am this morning and began to write another page of her story. She slept good through the night, and slept in past brother for once. As you could imagine Mini Merlin was anxiously awaiting for his sister to wake up, and once she did he was there smiling. When Delaney saw who was in front of her, her face she lit up and immediately grab brothers face and gave him a kiss. Both babies snuggled Mommy for a few moments this morning on either side of her, it was nice to see. Delaney's morning was going well. Mommy and Daddy were giving her her 9am medications and flushing her feed tube and she began to vomit, Mommy and Daddy did their best to get to her quick, help her, and keep the vomit off of her dressing covering the Broviac, making sure the vomit did not get under the dressing. Fortunately it did not, but none the less there was a mess to clean up. Brother had to sit in his high chair and watch Mickey Mouse club house while Mommy and Daddy tended to Delaney. We had to administer medications again, clean Delaney up, wash blankets and clothes, and made a call to Delaney's oncologist doctor. The vomiting is scary and brings Mommy and Daddy back to the memories and emotions of her diagnosis, because the only symptom Delaney presented was vomiting, which lasted for 16 days. Once things settled down, Delaney was happy, laughing, and playing with brother again. Shortly after, Delaney's physical therapist came by for a session for an hour or so. Delaney worked on reaching above her head, twisting while reaching for toys, and trying to bear weight on her legs and go through the motions of walking. She gets so excited but since she is uncoordinated it can become difficult to support her. Delaney is definitely on an upward trend for her physical therapy, Mommy and Daddy are proud. Delaney did not eat, snack, or drink that well today again, but we give her as many options as possible. Uncle Daniel, Aunt Rachael, and Brittany all stopped by to say hi to Delaney and check in on her. There were plenty of smiles going around. We have tried to keep up with our family tradition of Friday night pizza night, followed up with a cookie and a movie, but it just is not the same without Delaney eating pizza and asking for a cookie for dessert. Like everything else, we will get that back also someday. Tonight's movie selection was the Pixar production, Brave, Grandpa and Delaney like to watch this movie together, and that is what just they did. Mommy and Daddy will be busy organizing and packing tonight, in preparation for another admittance to the hospital for the start of cycle 2 of chemotherapy. And we will not forget to pack the support from all of Team Delaney with us. Thank you for the prayers, love, and support for our daughter and family. As always...... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday Update and Progress:

Delaney is a early riser these day, but has been sleeping well through the night. Uneventful nights are a good thing. Delaney had two appointments today, and no matter what the appointment is, there will always some level of stress involved for Mommy and Daddy. Off to Oakland we go, the two appointments today were a renogram and an audiology test, for her hearing. The renogram is a procedure that tests the function of her kidneys. This test begins by administering a small dose of radioactive dye through Delaney's Broviac. The dye, once in the blood stream makes it's way to the kidneys and the test begins, and Delaney must remain still for 30 minutes, thankfully today she was taking a nap during the test. Otherwise she would have to be strapped down or distracted. Over the course of the next 30 minutes the radioactive dye is picked up by X-Ray and you can see the dye being filtered through the kidneys in actual time, this tests the function of the kidneys. It is important to test Delaney's kidneys after each cycle of chemotherapy because of the chemotherapy her body is receiving and the kidneys must filter out. She will pass this radioactive dye over the next day or so so gloves must be worn when we change her diapers, this is also true with her chemotherapy. One down, on to audiology. Of all the tests she has been through the audiology test is the least stressful and straight forward. In each ear, at separate times, the doctor places an ear bud in Delaney's ear. Then Over the course of 20 seconds or so sounds are projected inward and the test reveals how her ear receives the sounds. The doctor said that both ears are working good. Once again Delaney's hearing is monitored after each cycle of chemotherapy because of the potential side effects, one of them being hearing loss. Once back at home Delaney wanted to be off the couch, wanted to play, wanted to go outside, wanted to hold brother, and wanted to try to walk (mind you, Delaney cannot not walk or even stand yet). But the key word is, wanted, she wanted to do more today. She felt the need to try to walk, so Daddy held her upright, and she went through the motions of walking, one foot in front if the other, they were not coordinated movements but she was excited about the idea, as were Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa. Delaney spent the rest if the evening playing, picking at food here and there, and resting for the week to come. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her progress, one foot in front of the other.

As a family we have been wanting to to share some exciting news, but we have hesitated, due to the constant daily obstacles we face emotionally and physically. When we were given the news that our daughter Delaney had a cancerous brain tumor, we were already expecting our third child, Mommy was 9 weeks pregnant at the time of diagnosis. To date, Janice is 15 weeks pregnant, and healthy. Through out Delaney's intense recovery and treatment. We also have had to find time to allow for Janice to make all of her prenatal appointments, ultrasounds, and lab draws. Wonder, where Delaney gets some if her Fierceness from? Thank you for all the prayers, support, and love. As always........ GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE she is FIERCE!"

Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Wednesday Update....

Cycle 1 of chemotherapy completed today and 5 more cycles to go. Today started off great. Delaney was up and wanting to watch a show at 5am. We had a hard time flushing her NG tube, nothing would flush! We couldn't give her meds or fluids for hydration. We had an appointment with her oncologist and then a chemotherapy treatment. The oncology appointment went well. They are going to start her 2nd round of chemo 1 day earlier so UCSF can harvest her stem cells on a specific date. While she received her chemo, PT came by and decided that since Delaney isn't using her ankles like she used to and also some of the chemo meds can cause muscle deterioration, we need to order custom braces to engage her ankles and keep them at a 90 degree angle. Those should be in in a few weeks. Sancho, the therapy dog, also came by for a quick visit which put a big smile on Delaney's face. After her chemo the nurses and Daddy took Delaney into the procedure room and switched out her NG tube. Of course she did not like this and screams could be heard from rooms away. To check placement the nurse drew back in hopes of getting stomach contents, fortunately she did, but also drew up about 5cc of blood. She called the oncologist and he decided to change her gastro meds and that this is probably due to the steroid which she has been taking since her tumor was found. We came home and had the daunting task of changing the dressing on her Broviac. This is a very sterile process, so you can imagine fighting a 2 year old to keep a mask on or look in the opposite direction so she doesn't breath on the site. Luckily, Delaney was cooperative, for the most part. Her home health nurse came by, brought us some more supplies and watched us change Delaney's Broviac caps, which also went well. Delaney continues to amaze us on a daily basis. She came to a full upright sitting position all on her own! Of course she is a little wobbly, but she did it!! We are so happy and her little personality is starting to show again! It's hard watching her do so well knowing in a few short days cycle 2 starts and she will, again, be very sick. Daddy had the opportunity to go down to Swirl on the Square tonight for the awesome fundraiser!! He was able to meet many of Delaney's fans! We are truly grateful for each and every one of you. It was very humbling to see the number of people who came out to show support for our little princess. We are not alone in this battle. We have a small army fighting right next to us. Thank you all so much for your prayers, support, and love.


"And though she be but Little, she is FIERCE"!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday Night Update

Delaney woke up a couple times during the night last night, and made it an early morning for us, but at least she woke up in a good mood. Daddy had to make a trip to the DMV today to get a temporary handicap placard.... The doctor gave us the application for the placard because of the mobility challenges that Delaney is facing and is overcoming in due time. But with the constant visits for chemotherapy, follow up imaging or tests on different organs and functions of her body through out chemotherapy. This will makes things safer and easier for us all. Today and almost everyday our challenge is to get her to eat and drink. We try to make eating and drinking as fun as possible for her. Delaney's doctor says that food represents nausea and vomiting to her and it is essentially hardwired in her brain to think that all food will make vomit or cause symptoms related to nausea, which is why we are having a difficult time getting her to eat anything. This is because of where her tumor was on the cerebellum and the symptoms she had prior to the operation, which was 16 days of vomiting. In a way we must re-train the brain to think of food differently, this is critical because the chemotherapy causes vomiting, everyday we work on correcting this problem. Delaney played in the play room on and off today for about 3 hours. It was nice to see her playing so well and getting to interact with her. She also had a visit for in house physical therapy. The session went very well, we discussed a variety of methods to strengthen her body, but it turns out trying to get her to play with toys, and the actions associated in playing with toys is some of the best physical therapy. Delaney was very happy today and is finding her way off the couch more, into our arms, outside or to the play room. Tomorrow Delaney has a check up from the oncologist and goes in for more outpatient chemotherapy, and this will complete 1 cycle. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always..... GO TEAM DELANEY!

"And though she be but LITTLE she is FIERCE!See More

Monday, October 21, 2013

Great Start to the Week...

It was an early morning, but another great day. It was blood draw day, so Mommy and Daddy had to draw 2 vials of blood from her Broviac at home and drop it off in Walnut Creek for processing within the hour. Not an easy task to do on your own child, but it must be done. She is making great strides and feeling so much better. Delaney spent more time off of the couch today, she wanted to be held, go in the backyard, and go into the play room, all without a bargaining or negotiations session. We went into the backyard a few times today chasing little brother ( Delaney in her car of course ), picking her daily allotment of flowers ( soon there will be no more to pick at the rate she is going ) but mommy and Daddy are ok with that, letting the sun warm her up, and there were moments where Mommy, Daddy, and brother could on their own, take the time and bond with Delaney. Today it was about taking it slow, recognizing the simple things in life, the things Delaney loved to do. Delaney even helped Daddy water some of the plants this evening. She is doing so good in our eyes, we push her just enough to keep moving forward, becoming stronger and more self reliant, as she once was. But she sets the pace and shows us that she can take on more than we can give her. It is nauseating for Mommy and Daddy to think in the next few days Delaney will do one more out patient chemotherapy treatment, and then start cycle 2 of 6 for her chemotherapy next week As Delaney ramps up and gets her body healthy again to go through the torment of chemotherapy, we understand she will get sick, weak, and have to work hard to recover once again. These are the peaks and valleys you watch your child go through, try to prepare for, but are never ready for. One day at a time. Easier said than done, but Delaney is Fierce and wears it on her sleeves taking it head on, bouncing back, because she has playtime with brother to attend to. Delaney threw in the towel early tonight to get some much needed rest after a playful day. Mommy and Daddy should follow her lead and do the same. Thank you for all the prayers, support, and love. As always......GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE she is FIERCE!

Monday Morning Update

Monday Morning Update....

Mommy and Daddy are ecstatic to post that yesterday was a great day. There were no issues that arose, we were all able to spend much needed quality time as a family. Delaney woke up in a good mood and made us smile more than we have in a long time. Delaney was up before little brother, and her face lit up with smiles once she heard brother come trampling down the hall. The morning was spent nibbling on food here and there, we are still working on her having an appetite. Delaney wanted to go outside for a little while, it was such a nice day for her to be outside. As the 2 1/2 year old she is, she was back to picking flowers, looking for birds and butterflies. One of Delaney's eyes drifts inward, this was caused by the pressure in her head, now that the pressure is relieved her eye muscles need to build up strength to correct this and bring the eye back to center. And one of the ways to correct this is for her to wear and eye patch, so Grandpa and Grandma picked up some eye patches. To our surprise Grandpa was able to get Delaney to wear an eye patch, but he had to as well, this was a good first step, but it will take some time. Auntie Bebo and Uncle Daniel came over for a little visit. She enjoyed sticker time with them. Delaney's home health nurse also came over and thinks Delaney is doing great. She comes by to check in on Delaney, makes sure we are all doing ok with her care, answers questions, and checks on our supplies. They are a good additional resource for us. Each day Delaney is building more strength through out her body, we are seeing good improvements. She has continued to keep a fever away, she still is taking lots of medication around the clock, we try not to bother her too much with everything. We are doing our best to keep things as simple, fun, and relaxing at home. Thank you for the continued prayers, love, and support! As always GO TEAM DELANEY!

"And though she be but LITTLE she is FIERCE!"

FB Update

Team, This morning we just reached 4,000 LIKES on FB, truly amazing. We just want to thank everyone for all the support the community has provided and continue to for our sweet Delaney. You guys have been the motivation and support that has touched our lives forever. Merlin and Janice cannot thank you enough for spreading Delaney's story and building this team. I know Merlin and Janice are extremely busy but they do look at peoples comments and words of inspiration to keep them going everyday, so for that I thank you. Lets continue to spread this journey of courage and build and even bigger TEAM DELANEY! Love, Uncle Travis

Thanks you for your prayers, support, and love.

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!

Thanks LPFD

Thanks LPFD!

Team a few fire guys were counting today and they think they have about 54 of 98 that are sporting the TEAM DELANEY haircut!

LPFD is a department that truly supports their own. You guys are amazing and can't thank you enough. LPFD has cut their hair on ABC7 interview along with another 53 guys to support Delaney, brought food to the family and has been by their side every step of the way offering support. Someday we will be able to pay all this forward to another in the community. Here are a few pics of the LPFD crew.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back to ER......

The night was uneventful, but Delaney did not go to bed until 1 am. Delaney got us up around 6am and we were out on the couch letting her watch a movie and we were getting things ready for the day. We started off with some coffee that Mommy and Daddy live off these days, some medications for Delaney that were due and we moved on to heparin locking the lumens on her Broviac. We got her settled down, cleansed the caps twisted the heparin on and pushed, and we met resistance once again. Some of you may remember that we had this problem last week. You cannot just force the heparin in the lumen because one of two things could happen, the line could burst or worse you could push a clot through the lumen. They only way to safely flush is to go to the hospital and get anticoagulant put in the lumens and let it sit and break what clot is in there. And that is what we did today, for about 5 hours, after just being discharged yesterday. It is always stressful having to do so much work on her Broviac. However, we do what must be done for Delaney. After that inconvenience we still knew Delaney wanted to make the most of the day. We got home and Uncle Travis came by and was able to see Delaney for a little bit, along with their dog Bernard. Delaney enjoyed that time. Grandma and Grandpa and little brother came over to spend time with Delaney. Little Merlin is going to stay the night tonight, ( so is Grandma to help us get things back on track ) we are trying hard to get us back together as a family under one roof, but it is tough, considering all that is going on. Delaney always surprises us, tonight she wanted to go outside with little brother and ride in their cars! It was such a great site to see, Mommy and Daddy were so happy to see their babies together outside! Delaney is doing good she has much more head, neck, and trunk control. Delaney is still not able to sit I her own, or walk. She just keeps pushing forward, a little improvements here, and a little there. We are so proud of her. We hope there are no issues that come up for the next few days, with anything. A few consecutive, uninterrupted days at home will be healthy and healing for us all. Thank you for all the prayers, support , and love. As always........GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

Happy Friday....Home Again!

For our family to say that yesterday was very tough, it would be and understatement. Most days, feelings, and emotions that we go through, we can not put into words or formulate a way to express them. However, when we have those days, Janice and I remind ourselves that we are not the one to physically go though this treatment, we are not the one doing all of the work that must be done, we are not the one to deal with emotions that cannot be expressed, but it is our 2 1/2 year old daughter Delaney that is relentless. She inspires us, motivates us, keeps the fire inside of us thats burning hot. In return Delaney and our family has had so many people rally up, to give us support, which is truly humbling and a blessing. Thank you.

Today Delaney woke up in a good mood. This always makes Mommy and Daddy happy. They drew blood form her broviac early this morning to get the counts in her blood work. Her counts were better than expected. This was great. Also the cultures that were taken when we were first admitted did not grow any bacteria, which meant she did not have an infection and she was able to remain with out a fever for 36 hours. She did not have a rash overnight either. Delaney also walked a dog that stopped by that lights her up. With all of this we were able to be discharged today. This is very exciting for us again, and we hope to have a few consecutive days at home as a family. When we arrived at home today, we were playing catch up from being admitted and once again adjusting to being at home. Delaney had a better appetite today, and has not had nausea for the past 2 days. We hope that she continues to eat more and builds up strength before here next cycle of chemo. Grandma and Grandpa came over with brother and as always brother seems to be the best therapy around, make Delaney move and interact more. Today was successful in getting Delaney up off of the couch, she went outside and looked at the plants in the backyard, blew some bubbles and just got some fresh air. This was exciting to see her outside in her own backyard in over 1 1/2 months. We worked on our routine again, brushing teeth, bath time, medication before bed, and her nightly injection. We are hoping for some non eventful days ahead. We are looking forward to time at home, and spending it as a family.

Team just a friendly reminder Delaney cannot have visitors due to chemo and isolation. She just needs time to battle this by limiting the risk during this risky time. Thank you for the prayers, support and love. GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

Friday, October 18, 2013

Thursday Night Update


Today was a very, very, stressful day for Delaney, and her parents, Janice and Merlin. I just spoke with Merlin over the phone and this is what they wanted me to share with the Team.

Last night went well and through out the day her temperature was stable. Today they got her blood counts back, which were drawn early in the morning. The counts came back and the results were that she needed a platelet transfusion and blood transfusion today. This was because her white blood cells were way below the range she needed to be in. Both transfusion were done today and lasted about 5 to 6 hours. Merlin said, “It felt as if they were walking through cement that is up to your nose.” The pace was slow and stressful as you can imagine seeing your sweet baby go through this process.

After the transfusion Delaney had a reaction to platelets and possibly the blood, which resulted in a rash on her neck and head, which made her irritable all day long. In the mean time Merlin had to go to UCSF to meet with the bone marrow transplant doctor. He discussed the process of removing the white blood stem cells, harvesting them, and freezing them for the use during the last 3 cycles of chemo treatment, which is many months away. They will be reintroduced during the last 2 to 3 cycles of chemo because the last doses are extremely high doses so she will need those back in her body to recue herself. It has been a very, very, emotional and stressful day for Mommy and Daddy, but tomorrow is another day.

Thank you for all the prayers, love, and support. As always........GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back to Oak Pediatric Ward

We have gotten into the routine of taking Delaney's temperature at night before she goes to bed. High temperature is a sign of possible infection. This is even more concerning to us because she is neutropenic, meaning she cannot fight off infection, and would need IV antibiotics to help her fight. We took her temperature before we went to bed, it was higher than normal. 100.4. We took note of this because if it continues, or reaches 101.5, and being neutropenic this is the trigger point for us to be admitted to the pediatric ward, so she can get the antibiotics and care she needs. Mommy and Daddy checked her temperature through out the night and it started to go up in the early morning around 630 am today. We called Delaney's oncologist and continued to watch it even closer, and unfortunately it hit 101.8 around 830am. We called Delaney's oncologist as we were leaving the house to notify him. It is important to get blood cultures, blood draws, and antibiotics as soon as possible. After 34 days in the hospital and a day here and there at home we were back in the pediatric ward. Delaney was greeted with open arms and smiles from the great team there. The nurses took her temp and it had elevated to 102. Chances are we will be admitted for the next few days. Our time at home was brief but we loved being home as a family. She was given some Tylenol and IV antibiotics and her temperature decreased but then spiked again. She was again given another dose of Tylenol with IV antibiotics. At the moment this seems to be doing what we need. We will have to wait to and see what blood work comes back tomorrow for next steps. When her fever spiked at 102 she was sweating so much it went though the pillow case and the bed sheet below her. This may not sounds like much but it shows her body trying to sweat and work out an infection.

With everything going on Delaney seemed to take today in stride. She will be monitored thought out the night. We were told that things like this could happen during chemotherapy and that it is what destroys and kill cancer tumor cell but at the same time it also destroys healthy cells the body needs. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always........GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Team Update


There are 4 days left to place orders for your official TEAM DELANEY shirt, in order to receive by Nov 5th *Details Below on How To Order. We have over 400 out in the community already with another 200 coming in Monday.

Please note the shirts are not meant to be a fundraiser. The $10 just covers all the cost related to the shirts and we want as many people to purchase as possible to show support so we keep the cost down for everyone. Please send pictures via text to 925-337-3371 or email to of you or a group wearing your shirts in the community so I can share.

If you would like to donate and help Delaney with medical expenses that are not covered by insurance please donate to the official Team Delaney site (link below). This money goes directly into a medical savings account marked only for Delaney's recovery and treatment needs which add up fast as some of you can relate to or understand in similar situations. I cannot thank everyone enough for what we have raised and continue to raise, you all mean the world to me and Delaney's Family. Love, Uncle Travis

---------Here are details for WAVE 4 Orders------------

The shirts are $10 each and available in the following sizes: Youth M-L and Adult S-3XL. The shirts are 100% cotton and run a little on the small side.

We will place the order Sunday Oct 20th so all orders must be submitted by 5 pm that day. Shirts can be picked up at Aunt Jackie’s house in the Livermore area, Uncle Daniel will delivery CPP shirts to office, and all LPFD shirts will be delivered to Station 1 . If you cannot pick them up at any of these location, please include an additional $10 in your order and we will ship all the shirts you order anywhere in the country.

To purchase, please do the following:

1. Submit the total amount for your shirts (and shipping if necessary) via to and I will confirm your order within 12 hours.

2. Include your name, the number of shirts you want in each size, where you will pick up and your address if you need the shirts shipped.

3. Paypal needs to be used so we can track the large amount of orders we are receiving.

Once we place the order, we anticipate receiving the shirts by Nov 5th When they arrive I will post an update on Facebook and provide more information on pickup locations.

Thank you all for your love and support for our family. Love, Uncle Travis

Go Team Delaney!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

Tuesday Update

This morning Delaney awoke happy. But by then mommy had already given her meds at 430 am, and daddy was up organizing paper work, and going through medical supplies. Next it was time to pack for an appointment and get things ready for the day, pack her medications, load up the wheel chair, food, and snacks, because we sometimes don't know how long things will go. We had an appointment for out patient chemotherapy at 10:30 AM and an appointment with Delaney's oncologist. The appointment went well. The Oncologist doctor says Delaney looks good and is improving. Some of her medication doses are being adjusted. Delaney's blood counts for the most part look good but her hemoglobin and platelets are still dropping. They are likely dropping to a range where she will need a blood and or platelets transfusion on Friday, so we are mentally trying to prepare for that. That will be a long day. Thursdays blood draw will indicate what we will need to do. The chemotherapy treatment was relatively quick, daddy held Delaney during the treatment, and mommy was off getting more medications refilled for this week. Toward the end of the chemotherapy treatment Sadie the therapy dog, who some of you may have heard of already, came by. Delaney enjoyed this and held Sadie's leash and fed her 2 treats. We got a smile there! Once back at home Delaney was able to get a well deserved nap. However, when she woke up she had some pretty good mood swings, this is very stressful, and frustrating trying to figure out if it is, nausea, recovering from the operation, posterior fossa syndrome, medications, all of the above, or the terrible 2's. But we are working at it, and it is a grind. Later this evening Delaney had a request for mommy, and that was to go and get her some french fries. And so that is what we did, anything to try to get the hunger and thirst drive back. Today we have done a better job at keeping her nausea under control. Like everything we are trying to create the best routine possible. It is almost time for her nightly injection of GCSF. The movie for the night is Toy Story 3, Delaney is getting sleepy, mommy and daddy are still right by her side, along with the rest of you from Team Delaney. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always........GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday Night Update

After Delaney vomited last night she was able to sleep through the night which made all of us happy. Delaney still needs her blood drawn every Monday and Thursday to get her blood counts and sodium checked. We do this at home, drawing blood from her Broviac. Next the blood must be taken to Walnut Creek Kaiser lab within one hour, and it has to be processed by noon. That is quite a task in itself. We got her blood counts back and found out that she is severely neutropenic, anything below 500 means she is at high risk. Her count is 24. Normal counts are 1000+, because her white blood cell count is so low she cannot fight off infection. Delaney now must wear a mask when she has to go out in public, to the doctors for instance, and unfortunately at this time she cannot have any visitors. But every night daddy and mommy give Delaney and an injection of GCSF into her thigh to help promote white blood cell growth so she can recover. It is stressful to know she is so vulnerable. One if our biggest challenges now is getting Delaney off of our couch or the hospital bed. Mommy and daddy were so used to having an energetic 2 1/2 year old that would run us into the ground. Now, with the operation, regression, and lack of energy or feeling good due to the chemotherapy, it is a long battle everyday, that is not always successful, to get her up and moving, trying to get Delaney to eat and drink, working on getting her back in the routine of home, bringing little brother by all day so we can all adjust to our new way of life, caring for Delaney and raising a 1 year old. This week alone Delaney has 2 blood draws, 3 appointments, one which is outpatient chemotherapy. Janice and I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for the mind-boggling show of support for our daughter and family. It does not go unnoticed. Thank you for the prayers, love and support. GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"