Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pressing On....

Things have been progressing well for Delaney, but that does not go without saying she stills has many challenges and new things to manage. Delaney was finally able to shake the cold she had. We are thankful it was just a cold and did not turn into anything worse, our fear being that she is still immunosuppressed. Delaney had her first dentist appointment after the completion of her treatment, and we did not know what to expect. Delaney did well at her appointment, however as a result of the aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, at a the age of 3 1/2 Delaney has the start of 3 to 4 cavities. For a period of 6 months Delaney was not able to brush her teeth because she was neutropenic, and had to use toothettes. A sponge like toothbrush that would not cause cuts or abrasions, as a toothbrush would, exposing her to bacteria. This was something we were aware of, and now must manage. However, we put it in perspective, they are just cavities, just another thing to watch. Her dentist appointments will be every 3 months, to track and monitor the cavities in the hopes they do not get worse. Next week will be a busy one for Delaney. She will have a follow up appointment with her eye doctor for her esotropia. Her eye muscles were damaged from the tumor, causing the eye to drift inward and a surgery or surgeries will be needed to correct her eye. That could possibly this year. She will also have an echocardiogram to check on all functions of her heart, again because of the chemotherapy she received. Delaney has been receiving physical therapy once a week and will now begin occupational therapy, to name a few, she will to begin work on her fine motor skills, dressing herself, buttoning clothes, and working out small tremors in her hands, which may be due to the double vision she sees because of her esotropia. Delaney will also have another MRI of her full brain and spine in the beginning of March, we are still waiting on a date. The stress and anxiety are slowly mounting. But more importantly, all in all, things are still progressing in a positive direction. Which we are truly blessed for. Honestly. Delaney fills the rest of her days with laughter, love, and smiles. Playing with her brothers, family, and crafting. Delaney loves being an older sister watching out for and caring for her little 9 month old brother Valen. She also made it out to a Monster Truck Jam. And she sure did love it! Thank you for all the prayers, love, and support. As always....... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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