Thursday, March 27, 2014

Delaney Update....

Today was day 2 of 28 of Delaney's radiation treatment. Yesterday, Delaney's first day of radiation was extremely difficult for Delaney, Mommy and Daddy. It was emotionally upsetting, and hard to cope with the reality of it all. Mommy and Daddy both cried and it was tough for Delaney to get back in the routine of being at the hospital. Each day begins at 545 am, to drive to Oakland Kaiser for a session of radiation. It will begin with an assessment by nurses, doctors, and anesthesiologists. Once her room is ready, Mommy and Daddy will carry her into her room where she will receive sedation, in our arms. Once she is sleeping we give her to the radiation team of 10 or so individuals. From there 2 CAT scans are taken then overlaid on her recent MRI to confirm where radiation will be delivered. Start to finish it is a relatively quick process, 30 minutes or so, and then she is wheeled back to us to recover and wake up from anesthesia. Delaney will then be monitored for an hour or so to make sure she is good to go home. Delaney will need a cap change on her Broviac everyday, due to the sedation drug she receives, then 4 times per day, Delaney's head at the site of treatment, will need 2 different moisturizers one right after another to hydrate her skin and protect it from breakdown from the radiation. Delaney remains, fierce and in good spirits. Today Delaney made a paper chain with Mommy, Daddy, brother, grandma and grandpa. There are 28 circles looped to one another creating a chain, each one representing 1 day of treatment, and once home Delaney can rip apart one loop counting down her days of treatment, she now has 26 more days of radiation. Things remain unbelievable, but we will do everything we can for Delaney. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always..... GO TEAM DELANEY!!! "And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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