Saturday, March 29, 2014

5 paper chains down, 23 more to go......

Delaney has done very well with her first 5 days of focal radiation. The days are very long and exhausting, emotionally and physically for everyone involved. Delaney now is starting to figure out when she goes into the radiation room she is going to take a nap (sedated). It tears Mommy and Daddy apart when we are walking down the hall, holding Delaney in our arms, to her treatment room, and she looks at us and says, " I don't want to take nap now." It hurts, but we hold her and comfort her. Like most things in Delaney's story, there are many things we cannot control, we just do the best we can for Delaney, making things as light hearted and happy for her. When she wakes up from sedation, Delaney we have found out, is not all that happy. She is a little angry, or "FIERCE", but that is Delaney and that is exactly what has helped carry her through treatment thus far. This is understandable and ok considering all she has gone through and being 2 1/2. Yesterday Delaney had another NG tube change, she has now had an NG tube for 7 months now, she still is not eating. There are some exciting things that are happening as well. Delaney's eye lashes are growing back, it is such a beautiful sight to watch unfold. Delaney's walking is getting much stronger, her coordination and balance better as well. She is still not walking on her own, but standing up and walking along the couch on her own. She is starting to show a desire to try food it is exciting, frustrating, and sad at the same. Delaney is doing good, although everything is still a blur and moving at a pace faster than we can keep up with. Thank you for all the prayers, love, and a support. As always.... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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  1. Such an amazing and inspirational story!!! I love the updates and seeing, despite everything, there is so much positivity surrounding Delaney. I am beyond excited to continue reading as she fights this and comes out on the other side. She is such a fierce little girl and her parents are beyond amazing. I hope their story is inspiring others and others will find this this story and use it as inspiration in their own battles!!!