Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday...Last Day of Focal Radiation

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I wanted to share a video of the past 7 Months and 20 Days of Delaney's journey. Tomorrow, Delaney will complete her last day of focal radiation and start the long journey ahead of recovery and therapy. It seems like yesterday when I look back on that Monday September 9th 2013. The family should have been celebrating Mini Merlin's 1st birthday but instead there were tears, frustrations, lack of understanding, and confusion as I could see the look on Janice's and Merlin's faces when we knew something was just not right. As we waited for Delaney's ambulance transfer from Walnut Creek to Oakland more family showed up and little did we know what a hard and tireless journey this was going to be and what Delaney would end up enduring, which no child should ever have to experience. 

As Delaney diagnosis came in on September 10th as a brain tumor, which later was determined to be cancerous the world seemed to stop. We prepared for brain surgery and the treatment ahead. Around this same in this journey we call life, that didn't make sense, TEAM DELANEY was born and a quote posted by Daddy and Mommy above Delaney's bed would become the inspiration for her fight, "And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!" The blog was created, followed by Team Delaney Facebook page and the support and prayers for our little fighter started grow. Still to today we are still left speechless and humbled by the support that the community close and across the world has given Delaney and her family. I wish I could list everyone that has touched Delaney's life and given the family the ability to be by her side every step of the way but it would be impossible. The support from both parents work, the 9,000 plus FB followers, the over 3900 Team Delaney shirts sold, our infamous FIERCE FRIDAYS, the meals, the donations, blood drives, and the fundraisers that friends organized was nothing we were expecting. We have been blessed by the support during these past 7 moths and 20 days as the Team has stood by Delaney's side for her treatment and have shown to continue to stay by her side as her recovery and therapy start. 

This journey has forever changed our lives and the family lives as we are grateful to have everyone by our side. Someday when Delaney is able to leave the home with the family she will be able to thank many of you with her bright smile and know that you have forever touched her life. We hope and know that in the near future under Team Delaney we too will be able to give back and help other children and their families like ours in the community, that has given us so much.

" And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!" 
Love Uncle Travis

This list below is what Delaney has endured the past 7 months and 20 days. She has gone through more these past months then most of us will ever in our entire lives but she continues to fight on like she has done everyday! 

September 9th missed little Merlin's 1st birthday (Delaney was admitted to hospital)
September 10th Diagnosed with brain tumor
September 12 brain operation to remove tumor
64 total admitted overnight stays at the hospital (22 days of that was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) 
6 1/2 months of at least 1 vomit a day
2 operations (1 for brain tumor resection, 1 central line placement)
21 days of Chemotherapy
28 days of brain radiation
1 stem cell harvesting, a 5 hour harvest
3 stem cell bone marrow transplants
35 sedations ( 2 for operations, 4 for MRI, 1 EVD removal,1 stitches removal, 2 lumbar puncture, 28 for radiation)
1 Biopsy of tumor
4 MRI scans
31 CT scans
1 EVD placement for CSF drainage
16 X-rays chest/abdominal 
1 complete blood transfusion (during brain operation)
18 Platelet transfusions
14 Blood transfusions 
51 at home Blood draws
2 lumbar punctures
6 IV placements (4 at one time)
1 arterial line placement
1 foley catheter 
4 EKGs
4 echocardiogram
4 renograms for kidney function
15 NG tube (feeding tube) placements
2 surgical dressing changes
1 wheelchair for mobility challenges
4 transports by ambulance

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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