Sunday, May 4, 2014


Wanted to share some more pictures from yesterday of Delaney's last day of treatment. Coming up there are many tests scheduled this month and the next. Therapy will be scheduled for years to come, though we are beyond thrilled that her treatment has officially been completed. Delaney has been resting a lot today and we are all enjoying our time at home and the finish of daily trips to Oakland. Delaney's radiation oncology team helped show support on her final day, right along side the thousands of you have done it for Delaney day in and day out. Many things played a part in Delaney's over all positive progression and successful treatment. It was cumulative from doctors, nurses, family, friends, warm hearted strangers, communities local and abroad, businesses, public safety departments, city departments, and individuals doing what they wanted to do with what had to offer from prayers to fundraisers. Grandpa was at the hospital 34 days straight in the waiting room 12 hours a day willing to help in any way. Grandma has been living at Mommy and Daddy's house to help with Delaney's care. But one thing is certain and that is during treatment Delaney's little brother Merlin III was her biggest cheerleader, #1 fan and best therapy, and continues to be. Merlin III is what kept Delaney motivated and pushing forward to recover. After her operation Merlin was there to sit with her when she could not move, Merlin was there to crawl by her side when she could begin to crawl again (knowing he could walk himself), he stood next to her while she was being held up, he eats with Delaney when she is afraid to eat or will not try to eat, he too has sacrificed much of his childhood to help his big sister. We hope and are optimistic that Delaney's days will continue to improve and she will resume her childhood which has been taken away from her the past 8 months. We will never understand "why", but we understood our role as parents, and care providers and that is to give Delaney everything she needs to fight fierce. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always ..... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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