Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday Update

Delaney continued her story today happy and full of energy and for the most part it was a good day. However, Delaney did vomit this morning and it was going to be a busy day for her. Delaney's home health nurse came by today to continue to evaluate her progress. Today Delaney will need a Broviac dressing change, both caps changed on her lumens, continue to wear her eye patch for 2 1/2 hours, and still negotiate having her diaper changed almost 20 times today, she still has loose stools as a result of the chemotherapy she receives along with low blood counts and a liquid only diet. Delaney's visit with the nurse went well, Delaney is maintaining her weight, a goal that was set at the start of chemotherapy in October, her dressing change on her Broviac was accomplished smoothly and the site where the catheter enters her body is still very clean. The Broviac is not taken lightly considering it is a catheter that goes directly to the heart (or how we see it a direct line where and infection can start) to deliver medication and chemotherapy drugs. Delaney rested and played, Mommy and Daddy were able to take her outside for a few brief moments while it was raining. She has never used an umbrella in the rain, so she wanted to use her umbrella. It was nice to have her experience the sound of rain hitting her umbrella. It is the simple, small things or opportunities that this disease can try effect, but we see a chance to slow down, pay attention to those simple, small things and opportunities. Such as being out in the rain under an umbrella with your daughter. She will have only 4 more short days before she will be admitted for cycle 6. And in those 4 days Delaney will have 2 blood draws, and 3 appointments. One appointment is to test Delaney's hearing to make sure there is no hearing loss form the chemotherapy she is getting, next she will meet with a BMT doctor to see if she is clear for admittance for cycle 6 of chemotherapy and the last appointment, a 5 hour appointment, to collect blood every hour to test her kidney function after receiving a radioactive dye. Delaney is staying fierce, getting as strong as she can to take on cycle 6. It is going to be a busy week. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always..... GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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