Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wednesday Appt. Update at UCSF....

Delaney was restless last night, and for reasons unknown, she has not been sleeping good at all the past couple nights. Today was a long day for Delaney, Mommy was up at 430am making sure things were packed and ready to go, Daddy was sleeping next to Delaney on the couch. Mommy got Daddy up at 530 to get ready and pack the car, and Delaney was up and getting ready to leave the house at 6am to head to UCSF, today would be an 11 hour day for Delaney, 7 hours was spent in the hospital, 1 hour with the BMT doctor and 5 of those hours consisted of doing a continuous blood draws. She would have her blood drawn 7 times today. These 7 blood draws will test the function of Delaney's kidneys and the results will it be know until tomorrow. The BMT doctor examined Delaney today, reviewed her blood counts, and medications and assessed her to see if she would be ready for admission this Friday. Upon his assessment Delaney is ready for admission, pending tomorrows blood draw and the results that will follow. Delaney is fiercely poised, and ready to finish writing a long chapter on her chemotherapy treatment, in her story. Tomorrow will be a busy, hectic, stressfully, and anxiety filled day as we prepare for admission and watch Delaney get ready to grapple with another cycle of chemotherapy,.....FIERCE yet gracefully.

Yes, Delaney will start the beginning of the end of her 6 cycles of chemotherapy treatment, but her story is still unavailing itself before our eyes. Delaney will have another MRI and lumbar puncture following the end of chemotherapy. Her case has been taken and discussed with the "Tumor Board", and how we understand it, consists of doctors from different hospitals, and they will again review Delaney's case, to see IF, ( we emphasize IF ) and what other treatments, may or may not, be necessary. This is the reality, a real fear, the unknown. But we must concentrate on the present and focus on getting Delaney successfully through her chemotherapy. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always ...... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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