Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two Day Recap...

The past two days Delaney has remained stead fast on recovering and preparing fiercely to take on cycle 6 of her chemotherapy protocol. Yesterday, Delaney had a blood draw at 545 am to track her blood counts and how her body is recovering. It was off to Walnut Creek Kaiser, then back home to get Delaney for a quick turn around and head out to Oakland Kaiser for an audiology appointment at 1015 am. The audiology appointment went well, Delaney participated in activities and games with head phones on to asses her hearing as well as an ear bud that makes acoustic sounds in the ear and receives them back (like sonar on a submarine) to see how good of a response there is and if there is damage done to her hearing from the chemotherapy. Again she had great results and to our relief her hearing is normal. This is not always the case, Mommy and Daddy were told she would likely lose her hearing over the course her chemotherapy treatment. We then received results for Delaney's blood work and her blood counts have recovered to the standard of a child that is going through chemotherapy, not recovered to the normal limits of child. As the BMT team said, Delaney is over the rough patch, and is looking good for admission on Friday for cycle 6. Thursdays results will confirm. After a busy morning on Monday, the rest of that day and today Delaney has been very happy and in great spirits. She has played with, of course, brother, every chance she can get. The weather had been very pleasant and Delaney has been able to enjoy 3 walks on separate occasions. This helps break the routine of home and hospital, and allows her to be a child, to explore, and take everything around her in. On Delaney's walk she was able to wave at neighbors, look for animals, watch kids at the skate park, watch a local girls softball team practice ( which shouted TEAM DELANEY! ). So the past two days have been great. Tomorrow Delaney has two appointment at UCSF, one to clear her for admission for her last chemotherapy treatment, and the second another 5 hour appointment with consecutive blood draws to test Delaney's kidney function. This will assess if there is any damage done from the chemotherapy, and how much chemotherapy and blood her kidneys can filter. Test after test. Chemotherapy may be the tip of the sword but Delaney is a razors edge. Mommy and Daddy both agree this is overall most healthy Delaney has been, going into any of her chemotherapy treatments. She has always been and has kept it FIERCE, finishing strong. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always.... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!


"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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