Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 12 Post Op

So today was a great day! Ct scan was at 5:30am. Neuro team came in at 9 and Delaney was kicking the Doctors like a champion. They decided to pull the EVD which is the stint in her brain. She had the EVD removed at 10am. Occupational therapist came in at 10:30AM and cleared Delaney for soft foods and liquids. We were finally able to hold Delaney for the first time in 13 days. She fell asleep in our arms :) She ate all day long! (Mac n cheese, 2 yogurts (Travis Says it better be Dannon or he's bringing a full supply tomorrow per Dannon Copr requet), 2 puddings, graham crackers, Cheerios, chocolate milk, regular milk, and water). She was very comfortable. Her neck is very weak and she still has several lines hooked up to her. Her sodium levels are fluctuating, so she continues to get salt in her feeding tube. Dr says if she continues to eat well she can stop being fed via the food tube. She will still keep the tube for meds and things like that. We also had a meeting today to discuss "the plan". Delaney has a long road ahead of her but she is storng and will make it through. LOVE TEAM DELANEY

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  1. This is wonderful news! Each one of the photos pulls at my heart and I can not image what you are all going through. I have tears seeing you hold her! I am sure she needs your snuggles just as much as you need hers. Love you Janice! We are here is you need ANYTHING!