Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 14 Post Op

Today was a great day! Delaney is slowly speaking more and more. "Nummy-num" and "mommy hold me up" "me no want to" "no,no, no" are her favorite sayings. She is eating great! She only wants mommy to take off her BP cuff. Mommy isn't complaining! The rehab pediatrician came to visit today and says Delaney is doing great. They will assess her soon to determine her rehab treatment plan. We met with the oncology team again today to discuss in detail some of the side effects of chemotherapy. There are many, most are scary, but Delaney needs this to get better and be cured. Most likely she will get her Broxiac installed next Tuesday and begin chemo either on that day or shortly after. We were hoping to come home before she started, but it looks like we will not be. After her first round of chemo we will be transferred to Children's Hospital Oakland for rehab. Then back to Kaiser Oakland for each round of chemo and UCSF for stem cell harvesting. This is going to be a challenge, but Delaney is strong and will make it through. Especially knowing she has so much love and support from all of you!

But all in all today was a great day!! We look forward to more great days, and even the not so great days :-) Thank you all for your support! GO TEAM DELANEY!!

Quote of the day:
"Your struggles were never meant to break you down, but to make your stronger"


  1. You go baby girl!!! You are one strong little lady. We love you.

  2. Delaney is the reason I became a nurse. I love her, and I love you all. You are such a beautiful and strong family. We're always here for you!

  3. Great pictures! Good to see the beautiful girl, and strong, loving parents. I love the "Delaney cape"! We think of you many times, everyday.