Thursday, September 26, 2013

TEAM DELANEY Shirts Ordered Today : 343


We have been overwhelmed with the amount of shirt orders....In a good way!   We placed and order today for 343 shirts since our initial order of 29.  I am shocked that so many were ordered, but also not because there has been so much support from family, friends, LPFD, CPP, and SJPD, since this challenging event started just a few short weeks ago for Delaney.  You all have truly warmed our hearts with the prayers and thoughts of support.

The shirts are scheduled to arrive Oct 14th.    I will communicate when they arrive and let you know when you can pick up in Livermore, Sac, and the shipment ones as well.

After you receive your shirt I encourage you to wear it and post pictures on FB or email me and I can post on blog so everyone can see the love and support.

Thanks Again -Uncle Travis

Score Update:  TEAM DELANEY:  372   -   Cancer:  0