Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 18 Post Op

Team, lots here: Delaney slept much better last night. She probably slept a total of 6 hours off and on. She ate 2 bowls of Cheerios at 5am and was still hungry for 2 chocolate milks and some pancakes at 7am. The neurosurgeon came through and decided to give her a few more days before they remove her stitches, which means chemo won't start until Monday, October 7. PT came in again and she was not very cooperative. We got her to sit in a little red chair for about 10 minutes. She is getting a little stronger each day, but still unable to hold her head up. Grandpa brought her a large chocolate milkshake for lunch and she drank the whole thing! She had her eye exam. The same opthomologist who examined her the day we found out she had a tumor examined her today. He was amazed at how flat her optic nerves were, because the last time he looked at her eyes he told us her optic nerves were severely inflamed due to hydrocephalus. She also had a hearing test, so she had to be wheel chaired over to another building. That was a chore in itself as she is not very cooperative and still wants to be so independent. The ear doctor said her hearing is within normal limits and he doesn't see any issues. Grandma and brother came for a visit. Delaney and brother laid in her crib, ate Cheetos, snuggled and watched Despicable Me. Brother is really what lights Delaney up. From the second she sees him she is so happy and smiley! It really makes mommy and daddy proud to see our beautiful babies love each other so much! Tomorrow Delaney gets her broviak in, gets a lumbar puncture and will get her feeding tube changed from the right to the left nostril. We will most likely be moved from the PICU to the pediatric unit on Wednesday. We have really grown to love our PICU nurses and will be sad to leave them, but hear nothing but wonderful things about the pediatric nurses in the ward. Delaney finished off her night with a cheese pizza and will have to stop eating at midnight. We will make sure she gets at least 1 chocolate milk before then.

Again we thank you all for your love, support and prayers. Delaney is a fighter! GO TEAM DELANEY!

Quote of the day "let your faith be bigger than your fears"

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