Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 15 Post Op

Today was a great day! Delaney is talking again! Full sentences. We are having a little trouble making out a few words. We can see her personality slowly coming back. PT came in today and had us do more exercises for neck muscle control. She is getting stronger each day. Occupational therapy cleared her for a regular diet, she just has to be watched because she likes to take Big bites. She probably drank about 40 oz of chocolate milk today, no joke. We met with oncology again. UCSF pathologist agreed she does have a medulloblastoma. Her treatment will begin as soon as her stitches come out (probably next Tuesday). Some of the topics at today's meeting were very hard to hear. A therapy dog named Sancho came in to visit today. He put a smile on Delaney's face. She was able to have chicken nuggets for dinner, which she loved! She was in such a great mood after dinner. She was singing and playing. It really was a great day. We will see how the weekend goes. We are just praying for more great days! Thank you again for your love and support!


Quote of the day: "a positive attitude brings strength, energy, motivation and initiative."

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  1. A strong, brave, beautiful girl with a strong, brave & beautiful family. You're all in our thoughts and prayers. Marnie, Kyle, Brendan, Mackenzie