Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 3 and 4 of tests update:

Well, Wednesday Delaney had several appointments. An audiology appointment to see if there has been any damage to her hearing since the start of chemotherapy. We were pleased to find out her hearing is still in great shape. The audiologist says we should be able to see negative chemotherapy effects by now, so we are hoping hearing won't be an issue. Next she had an echocardiogram. Luckily, she was asleep for the whole test. The technician performed the last 2 echo's on Delaney and feels her heart is functioning great, but we are still waiting for those results to come back from the doctor. Lastly Delaney had her NG tube changed from her left side to her right side. This is always uncomfortable for Delaney and as always, Daddy was there to comfort her and help the nurses out. Mommy likes to come to the rescue once the procedure is done. On our way home we had to stop at Kaiser Livermore for a quick X-ray to confirm Ng tube placement. If the tube is not in the stomach it could cause some reflux issues. We were able to confirm with Delaney's NG tube that we had correct placement and it was ok to use the tube. Once home it was play time. These days Delaney enjoys playing much more than watching movies. This is a nice change for all of us. And of course her favorite toy is brother! A daily battle has been getting Delaney to wear her eye patch. She needs to strengthen the muscles in her left eye which were damaged due to pressure from her tumor on the eye. We have a neighborhood cat who likes to climb our fence, so we have made a game of it. Delaney now puts her patch on and is determined to find that kitty because the kitty only comes out when her patch is on . She had a pretty late night, which was stressful because Delaney had to be NPO (no food) starting at 2am. This made for a huge caloric set back for today. As you can imagine all of these appointments are very stressful for Delaney. Someone is alway poking or prodding at her. This morning Daddy had to do a blood draw at 630 am and drive the blood to Walnut Creek for processing. There is a chance she may need a blood transfusion today as well, only the counts will tell. Fortunately her hemoglobin levels rose in just a few days to a safe range. Today Delaney had a lumbar puncture. The doctors will have her cerebral spinal fluid tested for tumor cells. The results of this test are also very important. We arrived at 10am and weren't taken back until a little after 12pm. Delaney's oncologist performed the LP and assured us afterward that she did great and we could see her shortly. We also said our good byes to him for a while since we will be transferring care to UCSF starting next week. Delaney slept for almost another 1.5 hours before we could take her home. She had to remain laying flat for 30 minutes to 1 hour to prevent any headache or leakage from the lumbar puncture. We headed home and spent the remainder of the day playing with brother and Grandma. We were able to get Delaney to eat more today than she has eaten since before her operation. To our relief she kept it all down and was pretty happy for the rest if of the day. Delaney has kept it Fierce everyday, all day. She will have another blood draw tomorrow at UCSF, as well as a consultation and consent appointment. We also found out late tonight Delaney's white blood cell counts dropped after stabilizing and she is again neutropenic and prone to infection, and she cannot get admitted to UCSF until she is no longer neutropenic. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always ..... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE"

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