Monday, December 9, 2013

Sunday Update ...

Today was a great day for Delaney, she continues to try to do most things on her own. Delaney was up early again just before 4 am ready to go. Delaney does not have much of an appetite, however she is trying more foods a little at a time. As everyday for Delaney, it is centered around playing with brother, they both simply just love being with one another. As Delaney wants to do more in her own, we are encouraging her to walk to where she wants to go, supported of course, to continue to build up leg strength, balance and coordination. She is at the point where she can hold just a finger one in each of her hands and walk with good purposeful movements. This is more than exciting for Mommy and Daddy to watch. Delaney has been feeling good, and her counts are up, so we put her in the car, and took her around some neighborhoods in town to look at the Christmas lights from the car, it is still to risky to chance her getting sick. She really enjoyed that a lot. But the goal for the weekend was simple for Delaney it is to spend time at home with family, and enjoy it, for we know that this is going to be a busy and stressful week for Delaney and the family. We will have to cut Delaney's feeds tonight at midnight, because she will have a MRI tomorrow, that she will have to be sedated for, this is will be the first MRI since the start of chemotherapy. Delaney will also have a blood draw to test her liver function and check her blood counts. Tomorrow holds too many emotions for Mommy and Daddy to explain. Things remain positive, and Delaney is in good spirits. Everyone's little FIERCE FIGHTER is resting, preparing to take the week on, one day at a time. Our family is so thankful for all the great medical care, positive energy, prayers, love and support. We believe everything together has helped Delaney and will continue to help all of us through this difficult time. GO TEAM DELANEY!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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