Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fierce Friday Update...

As Delaney ends her busy week full of tests and procedures on Fierce Friday, Mommy and Daddy cannot help but to look back at this week and see how well Delaney has handled all that was thrown her way. Delaney had an appointment every single day. Delaney this week had an MRI with sedation, renogram, hearing test, echo cardio gram, lumbar puncture with sedation, 3 blood draws, and an appointment with the bone marrow transplant doctor. She has handled each appointment with smiles and confidence, she did fuss from time to time but always kept fierce. All of the tests on her vital organs look good and have not been damaged from the big aggressive doses of chemotherapy she has received. We have yet to receive the results from the lumbar puncture yesterday, there is much anxiety and stress, and it is heavy on the minds of Mommy and Daddy. Grandpa was able to come to UCSF with Delaney today and she loved it, she liked to have him in the room with her and hold her. As we met with the bone marrow transplant doctor today at UCSF we were able to have many questions answered. Delaney will have 3 more rounds of chemotherapy at UCSF, doses big enough that will wipe out her bone marrow, from there she will be given back her own stem cells harvested last month, back into her blood stream. From there the stem cells will find their way back to the bone marrow and graft themselves back into place and start to produce all of the cells her body needs over again. This process can take up to 4 weeks for each cycle. She can also be expected to be at UCSF 2 times per week receiving a transfusion of blood and or platelets. Delaney as of now is to be admitted on Monday. From the blood draw UCSF did today Delaney's counts dropped again, possibly moving her admission day back later next week, Delaney will have the weekend to hopefully get her counts back up and daddy will have to do a blood draw early Monday, so we can see her counts and if they will be high enough for her to be admitted later that day. As with keeping to our tradition of pizza and cookie night on Fridays, we were able to do so, but Delaney has been asleep since 5 pm. We hope she will be up soon to try and eat, but we know her body needs rest. We know Delaney is looking forward to a couple of uninterrupted days at home playing with brother, and simply trying to enjoy her time as a happy 2 1/2 year old. Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support. As always...... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE she is FIERCE!"

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