Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday and Saturday Update

Saturday Afternoon Update...

After yesterday's dentist appointment and blood draw, we were relived that Delaney did not need a transfusion and we could stay home, because we know this up coming week is extremely busy and stressful. Delaney's attitude continues to improve and she is looking better and getting healthy again. This is all we could ask for. Delaney and the family will do everything we can to enjoy this time in the coming week between appointments, before Delaney is admitted to UCSF. Yesterday revolved around playing, playing, and more playing, and of course with brother Merlin. Delaney is working hard and trying to stand up on her own, she is getting close. Since delaney is not neutropenic for now her diet is not as restrictive and can now have yogurt and fruit again for example. Delaney still essentially is tasting and lightly snacking on food, and Mommy and Daddy still must supplement her diet through her feeding tube. As you all know Fridays are not only FIERCE FRIDAYS, but are also pizza and cookie night for us. Delaney ate almost 1/2 piece of pizza. We were so happy! She quickly lost interest as she does with most foods, but she kept it down and that is a huge step! We have not been able to do regular update since we have been pretty much wiped out emotionally, mentally and physically. Once the kids are asleep it takes Mommy and Daddy roughly 1 1/2 hours to get everything ready for the next day. Some of our nightly tasks include: washing 40+ syringes used to feed/medicate Delaney via NG tube, sterile cap changes on her Broviac, dressing and re-dressing Delaney's NG TUBE, hooking up Delaney's nightly feeds, filling extra syringes of pedialyte and formula for the following day and taking 5 minutes to breathe. We will do whatever it takes. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always........GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"


Sorry for the delay but the family has had a very busy scheduling apportionments and rescheduling appoints. Delaney had a radio oncology appointment yesterday to discuss options for treatment in future. Delaney is getting better the past few days. Her white blood cell counts are back up. She is no longer neutropenic but here platelets are as low as they can be but we are hoping those climb so she can go without a transfusion. Blood was drawn at 6:30AM this morning to find out the results of platelets. Since her white blood cells are up we had to take advantage of that and go to pediatric dentist at 7:30AM today. The office opened early to avoid contact with other, which was a relief for us. She needed a prescription just to go to dentist to find out any possible infections before she begins round 4 of chemo. Delaney was required to take a prescription 1 hour before in order to just go out. We went to dentist to see if any infections or cavities because if there were, round 4 would have been delayed. Last three rounds are called consolidation rounds and very difficult so she cant have any infections because they would become worse. Thankfully she did not have any signs of cavities or infections. Her blood work came back soon after and her platelets were up so we were able to cancel the standing 11:30AM appointment we had scheduled today. She has been so strong lately and on this FIERCE FRIDAY she showed us shes here for the fight. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers. GO TEAM DELANEY!

“And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!”

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