Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Busy Monday Recap...

Today was a struggle. With ups and downs. It started at 330 am when Delaney began vomiting. Mommy had finished giving medication, and Daddy was sleeping next to Delaney on the couch, when she started to vomit. Mommy and Daddy were right there to comfort her. It was emotional for Mommy and Daddy when Delaney stopped vomiting, she grabbed a clean side of the towel that she had just been vomiting in and with eagerness in her eyes to please and looking for approval she cleaned her mouth and chin, as though she was trying to make a wrong a right. Those tiny moments can make us crumble. There was not much rest after that from cleaning up, administering more medications, and then a blood draw at 545 am. Blood was in processing at Walnut Creek Kaiser by 7 am. When the counts came back, there was no question that she needed platelets. So it was off to UCSF by 11am. Delaney was happy and pretty relaxed at UCSF, considering her busy morning. Delaney received the platelets with no reaction, she got what her body needed and she was free to head back home. When Delaney got home she was doing great, very active, was playing with brother, and we were able to give her more formula. Grandpa came by later that evening to spend time with Delaney and the family. Delaney enjoyed seeing Grandpa. And just when Delaney was settling in for the night, and we thought the vomiting subsided, she vomited again. It was a day of ups and downs, a couple good days then a rough day, taking back ground we gained. But Delaney does not waiver, she takes it in stride and pushes on, and Mommy and Daddy follow her lead. After every chemotherapy it is a challenge to help Delaney emerge from the effects of chemotherapy. Days like theses are taxing and long for Delaney. They are exhausting mentally and physically on Mommy and Daddy. There is something magnetic about Delaney's fierceness that pushes us as a family. Thank your for all he prayers, love and support. As always ... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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