Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tuesday Recap...

Sorry for delay Team Daddy fell asleep late last night so here it is. Yesterday was a very special day for Delaney. Delaney has been approved to receive a wish, from Make a Wish. This was a referral put in by Delaney's first original social worker. And she assured us that it was not only for terminally ill children, but for children facing life threatening medical conditions. From there requirements must be met and approved by Make A Wish. Delaney was assigned a team of 3 volunteers, of whom she met yesterday, from Make A Wish. Once they arrived at the house and were greeted, Mommy and Daddy met with one wish grantor and the other two wish grantors played with Delaney in separate room without distractions or influence so Delaney could express her wish. No information was divulged to Mommy or Daddy about Delaney's wish. That is part if the magic to allow them to be creative about Delaney's wish. We are very grateful that she gets to participate in such a great program. However, this wish will happen when Delaney is done with treatment, walking, and the wish is signed off by a her medical physician saying that she is healthy enough and it is safe enough for her, so she can fully enjoy her wish, whatever it may be. Today, Delaney will have a busy day. She has an appointment at 8am at UCSF to meet with a doctor to make sure she is ready to start cycle 5 of chemotherapy on Friday. After that she will have a GFR blood test that will go over 5 hours today. They will draw blood periodically to see how well and fast her kidneys filter her blood. This is important because it will give the Blood and marrow transplant doctors the information needed to determine how much chemotherapy her kidneys can handle and filter. It will be a long day. Delaney remains in high spirits, happy and ramping up fiercely take on cycle 5. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!" (

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