Friday, January 10, 2014

Thursday Update...

Delaney is staying fierce. She had a great day today. Delaney had a blood draw this morning to see how all of her blood counts are looking and to see if and what transfusions she may need. Out to Walnut Creek Daddy goes, blood in by 715 am. Much to our relief and surprise to the doctors at UCSF, Delaney's blood counts are holding strong, she did not need any transfusions, and the doctors anticipated that she may need a transfusion at some point this week, but were amazed at how her counts look. However, the doctors said it is still possible that her counts could drop over the weekend and may need blood products next week before her admission on Friday. That was the first half if the morning. Next it was out to Oakland kaiser for an optometry appointment for Delaney's eye. The tumor that Delaney had put pressure everywhere in her skull including her optic nerves and muscles. In some cases irreversible damage is done. The patching Delaney does helps strengthen the optic nerves and make her vision better, her sight out of one eye was diminished, but the patching she has been doing has paid off. Her vision is almost equal to her strong, good eye, this is a victory, she does not have permanent damage. On the other hand the eye muscles that attach to the eye its self are damaged, from the pressure of the tumor. This causes Delaney's eye to drift inward. Fortunately, this is correctable with surgery on her eye, cutting the eye muscle reattaching it, tightening the eye muscle, bringing it back to center, allowing the eyes to work together, improving her vision even more, (from how we understand it). Yes Delaney will have another surgery, this time on her eye, but it will have to wait until after chemotherapy is complete, to allow her body to heal properly. Another hurdle to endure, no. More like a pebble on the side walk, considering what Delaney has been through thus far. And the ophthalmologist agrees. We came home and of course played with her biggest fan, brother. She wants to stand more and wants to be so independent and walk "all by self". We try as best we can to let go and let her be independent, but she just isn't strong enough yet. She is getting stronger by the day though. Today was Grandpas birthday, so we celebrated with dinner at the house, and Delaney enjoyed that a lot. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always..... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!

We as a family are truly grateful, and speechless, for the countless acts of kindness and love for our daughter Delaney. Thank you for wrapping your arms around her and keeping her in your thoughts.

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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