Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tuesday Update...

The last two days have been the best for Delaney since her chemotherapy treatment over two weeks ago. Up to yesterday Delaney has vomited everyday since she received chemotherapy on December 20th and 21st. She has been vomit free for two days now, we will try to keep it that way in the week to come. Though she is not fully recovered from the chemotherapy of cycle 4 she is looking great and seems to feel the best she has in a long time. Mommy and Daddy did not realize that care for Delaney could get more intense, but as the doctors had warned us, it did. The stem cell transplants are a different beast. It has been nice to see Delaney creep out from the haze and chaos of cycle 4. She still is not 100%, but getting stronger. Delaney had a bath for the first time since September. Not a bath like you would think, more just to soak her legs and wipe her down in the tub. With her Broviac and dressing, such a big concern it is just something Mommy and Daddy are not willing to risk getting wet and having possible complications. Secondly the bath was a necessity because of Thiotepa, a chemotherapy drug she received causes, no exaggeration, excessive diarrhea every day for weeks (this with vomiting everyday is a serious hydration and nutrition challenge). The diarrhea finally caused skin break down on Delaney's bottom, to the point she was screaming with tears running down her face every time we had to change her diaper. Again with low counts, and chemotherapy, her body cannot heal her bottom, and it could turn into an infection. Mommy and Daddy have been able to wean Delaney off some of her anti nausea medications the past two days also, so she is not so heavily medicated all the time. The next week and a half will be a big push to get Delaney healthy and keep her weight up before her next admission for chemotherapy. Delaney is happy, wanting to play much more, and simply just being more active. She is our Fierce Fighter, never getting a break, a day off, a full meal, a chance to play with friends, go down town for dinner, she does not complain about not being able to walk. Instead she smiles, laughs, and makes the most of the simple things in life, a role model for Mommy, Daddy and brother. Yet Delaney stays just sharp and fierce enough under her skin to forge ahead. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always........GO TRAM DELANEY!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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