Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 1 of Round 3 of chemotherapy for our Fierce Fighter.

The morning began with meeting the doctors, nurses, and Delaney's oncologist to go over the treatment for the next 4 days, as well as going over how Delaney is doing. Delaney will get chemotherapy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and on Thursday she start her GCSF injections to start to bring her white blood cell counts back up. The chemotherapy will be aggressive, for that reason Delaney will be receiving anti nausea medication every 6 hours to hopefully keep her vomiting to a minimum. Today Delaney received 3 different chemotherapy drugs, followed by a twenty hour MESNA IV drip to protect her bladder form the chemotherapy. Delaney is looking and doing great, we know it will be a gradual decline from here to being sick again, once receiving the chemotherapy. Physical therapy came by to assess Delaney, she is getting stronger, more coordinated and back to her self, but will need lots of physical therapy in the years to come. Physical therapy also brought some foot braces for Delaney they had ordered. Hot pink of course! They Velcro to her foot and go half way up her calf to keep her feet and toes at a proper angle, because one of the chemotherapy drugs she receives causes foot drop, or her foot and toes curl inward, making it extremely difficult for her to walk or use her feet and legs. We will start off having her wear them in her sleep for 1 hour at a time. The next big obstacle is for Delaney to get a new feeding tube, and move it to the other nostril. This is very difficult as there is really no other way to put one in except while she is awake, Daddy holding her tight, and two other nurses inserting the feeding tube. The feeding tube goes up her nose, then turns down the back of her throat, down the esophagus and into the stomach. An x-Ray is need to confirm placement. The first attempt went down well 32cm. Taped it to her cheek, x-Ray came and took a x-Ray, and the results came back, it was 2.5 cm short and it needed to be advanced again. So had to take the tape off, Daddy held her again screaming, and crying the second attempt was not as easy. After one more x-ray it confirmed the tube is in the right place. Occupational therapy also came in. The therapist thinks Delaney is making great progress and gave us a few more exercises to do. It has been a very busy fast paced day but Delaney did well, and is resting. Our goal is to make her as happy and comfortable as possible and be right by her side. It has been an exhausting day for Delaney, Mommy, and Daddy. One day at a time, a few goals each day, and one fierce, fierce, little fighter. Thank you for all the prayers, love, and support. As always ...... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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