Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday Morning Update,

Yesterday was a very busy day. The antibiotics Delaney has been taking are starting to work. She looks like she is feeling even better. Another blood drawn was done to check her counts and they are trending upward, especially her white blood cells. It is critical information because it is when her white blood cells are on the rise, it is time to harvest. We met with her oncologist doctor and he was pleased to hear that Delaney did not have a fever, more or worse loose stools or any other complications. This allowed Delaney to be ready for discharge, she will now be on one more medication for 14 days. Delaney was discharged around 1pm. UCSF received Delaney's blood count results yesterday morning and contacted Mommy and Daddy prior to leaving Oakland Kaiser and said that they will have a bed for us that same day, and admit Delaney to UCSF that same night at 6pm. So we had a little over 4 hours to go home and give Delaney a chance to see little brother Merlin, Grandma, Grandpa, enjoy a change of scenery and let her have time to her self. In the mean time Mommy and Daddy rushed to wash clothes, eat lunch/dinner, pack, refuel the vehicle, and spend a few moments with little Merlin. Delaney enjoyed her short time at home but it was a quick turn around and it was off to UCSF. On the drive over to UCSF as Delaney took a nap in the car, Mommy looked back at Delaney's admissions to hospitals starting when she was admitted to Walnut Creek Kaiser. It has been 64 days since the start of this nightmare, and out if those 64 days Delaney has been admitted for 43 over night stays and 9 out patient visits or appointments. This is a total of 52 days in a hospital setting. That only leaves her with 12 days scattered throughout, all the while Mommy and Daddy right by her side, always. We have finally arrived at UCSF, and were admitted. We met with doctors and nurses to go over the plan, and contingency plans for the days ahead. Delaney had another blood draw, to get a more accurate count, her white cells are still rising this is perfect for harvest, but her platelets have dropped a bit and will need another transfusion tonight. Number 4 this week. The plan is to use her Broviac to draw blood out of one of the lumens harvest the stem cells and send her blood back into her through the other lumen. This will be a 5-6 hour harvest, in hopes that they will collect enough at one time, if not Delaney will be back tomorrow or stay. The hope is that during this process she will have adequate flow of blood. If she does not she will have to have an operation in the morning to put another line into her groin, in an artery. We are praying her Broviac will work and she will not need another operation. It has been a long week, but Delaney's smile alone motivates us, and keeps us focused on her care. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always.... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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