Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday Recap

Delaney slept well last night in length, but seemed restless. She was up at 4am so Mommy and Daddy got a little more sleep than normal as did Delaney. It warms our hearts to see Delaney awake and in such good spirits and smiling. One of Mommy and Daddy's favorite moments that the morning brings is to watch the smile on Delaney's face once she hears brother come babbling down the hall. She immediately was to hug and kiss him. Today was blood draw day, and our home health nurse was able to come over draw Delaney's blood and take it to Walnut Creek. We are anticipating that Delaney will be neutropenic, but only the counts will tell. As we waited for the blood counts to come back Delaney played with brother and grandma painted some of Delaney's toes and finger nails. With some assistance Delaney was able to pull her self up to a standing position she still is improving and getting stronger. The results came back for the blood and she is in fact severely neutropenic, also she will more than likely need a blood transfusion and platelets this Friday which will require an admission to the Oakland pediatric ward since the clinic will be closed. The rest if the afternoon was spent aging with brother and watching a few shows. Delaney wants to spend more time being active which makes is happy! Unfortunately, Delaney did vomit this evening. We have been trying to stay on top of all of her antiemetics, but the chemotherapy won today. Hopefully, we can have a vomit free day tomorrow. Mommy went to the store today and got a few foods for Delaney to eat. And to our surprise Delaney asked for some applesauce and chocolate pudding! She did not eat much, but we were so happy to see her eat! Brother finished off her chocolate pudding Delaney was asleep by 8pm and has since been resting peacefully. Time for Mommy and Daddy to give her some meds and head to bed. Thank you for all of the love, prayers and support! GO TEAM DELANEY!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!!"

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