Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thursday Update

Team, The past few days have been very taxing on Delaney and the family. Some post may have been shorter normal. Delaney and the family have had a long few days and these will continue. The support everyone has been giving is amazing and truly motivational. The Team has been amazing with donation and gifts that continue to come in. Most of you will see the gifts in photos with Delaney and it brightens her day. This week alone I have another 5 packages to drop off in their garage for her. Even, myself I don't want to be in contact, in fear of making her sick. We appreciate all the gifts that she receives, and thank everyone for the support. We want to personally thank everyone for what you has done and continues to do. As a brother, and an Uncle I cannot express in words what you all are doing for Delaney. Love, Uncle Travis.

Thursday Update...

We got home and in bed by 2am last night after being discharged from the hospital. We were glad we could come home. The best place for Delaney is at home especially when her counts are so low, and she really loves being at home. Mommy was up with Delaney a little before 5 am, Daddy was up shortly after. Essentially we got a good nap in last night. It was a difficult day today. We can tell Delaney is still not feeling well, her body is not bouncing back as quickly as it did last time. Delaney's mood was up and down all day, and it is hard on everyone. Another blood draw today, Mommy gathered supplies, Daddy got Delaney ready ( telling her what Daddy needed to do), Grandma ushered little brother to the other room to play, and got the blood we needed. Grandpa stopped by at the perfect time with much needed coffee for everyone. Daddy grabbed his blood and was off to Walnut Creek again, but this time little Merlin came along with daddy to help drop off sisters blood. The results came back quick, her red blood cell count came back great, the transfusion did it's job last night, however her white cell count went from 0 to 100. This was not the increase we want, and her platelets are still low and will need another transfusion again, tomorrow, the 3rd one in 4 days. Delaney is still severely neutropenic and again it means shuffling her date to have her white stem cells harvested from UCSF moved. She must be harvested at her peak when her body is pushing out as many white cells as possible, so they can collect as many as they can, to give back to herself at a later time. Delaney slept for a good part of the afternoon. At the same time Mommy was on the phone working on scheduling Delaney's appointments between Oakland Kaiser and UCSF, there are so many factors that have to be accounted for. Delaney did find some time to play, and she played doctor on Woody, listening to his heart, checking his eyes and taking his temperature. She was very cute. It was very hard day, Delaney is resting, knowing tomorrow is another day. Thank you for all the prayer, love and support.

As always.....GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be bit LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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