Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Round 3 Day 2

Another early morning for Delaney, She was up at 430am. Day 2 of 3 for chemotherapy treatment. There was no episode of vomiting last night. Mommy and Daddy took turns entertaining Delaney in the morning. Delaney looked good and was in great spirits and the goals for today are simple; keep Delaney happy, entertained, with no nausea or vomiting. Mommy headed out early this morning to get the new movie Planes and a few other craft items to keep Delaney busy through out the day. By the time Mommy came back it was time for pre chemotherapy anti nausea medications. Today the chemotherapy treatment started at 12pm, Delaney handled the chemotherapy well today and so far Mommy and Daddy were successful at keeping Delaney entertained. Grandma was able to sneak out for a visit and cuddle Delaney, both Delaney and Grandma enjoyed it very much. Today seemed to be very long and slow, but it goes with the territory of being stuck in a room for isolation and chemotherapy. Delaney has not had much if any appetite still, but she is willing to taste and sip on food and liquids. It is a very very early night, Delaney is asleep at 5 pm. But Mommy and Daddy will stay up for a few more hours meeting the new nurse and doctors for the night and going over medications as well as showering and getting things ready for tomorrow. Delaney will wake before the sun, and she will greet the sun when it rises and meet the day and it's challenges before it is ready for her, because after all that is just part of her Fierce! Thank you to ALL who give, show, and love our daughter Delaney. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always.... GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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