Friday, November 22, 2013

Thursday Update

Delaney was discharged today after 3 days of chemotherapy, and isolated to her hospital room. This 3rd admittance for chemotherapy seemed much longer, and that there was more down time. Delaney did great with all that she had to deal with and continues to leave Mommy and Daddy amazed. On the other hand, the down time and long days sometimes brings an unbearable weight of emotions, in the silence of thought for both Mommy and Daddy. Most days everything that is going on brings Mommy and Daddy to tears. Mommy and Daddy are more than willing to carry the weight or worry, stress, and uncertainly for Delaney, and everyday just showing her nothing but love and happiness. Delaney woke up ready to go home, she was ready to play with brother. However, that would have to wait she has until 1pm for her eighteen hour IV drip to be completed. Mommy had some more craft items to keep Delaney busy and Daddy went to pick up refills on medications for Delaney. As she did yesterday, Delaney did retch or dry heave as to vomit, however she did not vomit. We can see that she is vey nauseated and does not feel well. Delaney also had a blood draw this morning to give is an idea on her counts before we leave the hospital. When Delaney got home she had a burst of energy when she saw little brother and they played for a little while, but not soon after did she not feel well. Tonight Mommy and Daddy also had to change her dressing, that covers her Broviac, as well as do a cap change on both lumens on her Broviac. It took some time but they were both completed. Following that Delaney went to sleep at 6 pm. Mommy and Daddy worked to clean and put away clothes, toys, and catch her up on her medication chart and times. It has been a long rough week for Delaney, things will only get tougher in the days ahead but Delaney is our little fierce fighter, ready to meet the challenges.


"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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