Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tuesday Night Update


To date, this day over all has been Delaney's best day since she became sick. Delaney's mood, appetite, energy level and number of kisses she gave out was just what we needed to see! She is such an amazing little fighter! We took her on her first walk around the corner. She is a little apprehensive about doing new things, but she came around and actually kicked a few leaves with her brother (with Daddy's help of course). Since Delaney is feeling a little better and actually eating a bit we have been attempting to cut back on her antiemetics (anti nausea) meds. Rather than full doses every 6 hours we are trying half doses every 6 hours or even every 8 hours. She will be back up to full doses with the start of round 3 just a few short days away. To our surprise Delaney ate a big bowl of Mac n cheese for lunch and picked on a few other foods for dinner. This is the most she has eaten in almost 10 weeks. It feels good to see her eat and actually enjoy it. Of course the rest of the day was spent chasing little brother around, making attempts to crawl/stand and just being the silly girl we are used to. Tomorrow, is another out patient chemotherapy session. The last chemotherapy for round 2! Delaney is asleep early, so we are all taking advantage and going to bed early! Thank you for all of the love, prayers and support! GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE"

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