Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back to Oak Pediatric Ward

We have gotten into the routine of taking Delaney's temperature at night before she goes to bed. High temperature is a sign of possible infection. This is even more concerning to us because she is neutropenic, meaning she cannot fight off infection, and would need IV antibiotics to help her fight. We took her temperature before we went to bed, it was higher than normal. 100.4. We took note of this because if it continues, or reaches 101.5, and being neutropenic this is the trigger point for us to be admitted to the pediatric ward, so she can get the antibiotics and care she needs. Mommy and Daddy checked her temperature through out the night and it started to go up in the early morning around 630 am today. We called Delaney's oncologist and continued to watch it even closer, and unfortunately it hit 101.8 around 830am. We called Delaney's oncologist as we were leaving the house to notify him. It is important to get blood cultures, blood draws, and antibiotics as soon as possible. After 34 days in the hospital and a day here and there at home we were back in the pediatric ward. Delaney was greeted with open arms and smiles from the great team there. The nurses took her temp and it had elevated to 102. Chances are we will be admitted for the next few days. Our time at home was brief but we loved being home as a family. She was given some Tylenol and IV antibiotics and her temperature decreased but then spiked again. She was again given another dose of Tylenol with IV antibiotics. At the moment this seems to be doing what we need. We will have to wait to and see what blood work comes back tomorrow for next steps. When her fever spiked at 102 she was sweating so much it went though the pillow case and the bed sheet below her. This may not sounds like much but it shows her body trying to sweat and work out an infection.

With everything going on Delaney seemed to take today in stride. She will be monitored thought out the night. We were told that things like this could happen during chemotherapy and that it is what destroys and kill cancer tumor cell but at the same time it also destroys healthy cells the body needs. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always........GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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