Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Morning Update


Sorry for the delay last night. Yesterday was their first full 24 hours at home so you can imagine there was a lot going on. I spoke with Merlin this morning and here is what he wanted me to share with the Team.

Saturday night she slept through which was great. She did well but is still on nightly food formula through her NG tube. This is due to lack of appetite for food and water because the chemo treatment makes her nauseous. Her mood was good yesterday and the little lumen lines on her broviak flushed good because of the trip Saturday to the ER, which was a relief. Brother came over at 11 and spent the entire day at the house. As day went on things began to get more difficult and stressful due to the medication she’s on, the posterior fossa syndrome, and adjusting to being home. She has her ups and downs as you can imagine throughout the day for something battling what she is going through. A home health nurse came by to assist and to do check ups on treatment and progress while she is not at the hospital. The nurse also dropped off more supplies for her treatment and care. Majority of Sunday was also spent organizing all the medical supplies for Delaney’s care. At the end of the day unfortunately she vomited before she went to bed and we had to use her third line for anti nausea medication to help prevent her from throwing up again. In general and in bigger picture her motor skills and speech are getting better and improving. She is also smiling a lot more which makes Mommy and Daddy very happy. Thanks for your prayers love and support.


“And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE.

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