Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 3 of Treatment

Day 3 of Treatment

One of the toughest, and most stressful days we have had in a while since we have been admitted. Today was hard. Last night we were up and down changing diapers and sheets due to the the fact Delaney was on another 20 hour MESNA drip. Again this was given to protect her bladder form the chemotherapy treatment. Also during the night Delaney's heart rate began an upward trend. Then by morning 7 am Delaney was up restless, and a little fatigued. Then again we noticed her heart was still elevated. The medical staff here has been aware that Delaney's heart rate is fast, as were we. But today it continued to trend up and be tachycardic at 180-200 bpm. This was sustained for over 12 hours. There were many conversations surrounding her heart rate. By the end if the night, we believe that the tachycardia is medically induced due to the strict anti-nausea medications that she needs to counteract chemotherapy. There was debate about weather or not we should go back to the PICU for closer evaluation. That is still an option for tonight, should the heart rate continue to trend up. She will be watched close by all tonight in the pediatric ward. That along with the chemotherapy which lasted for over 8 hours today has made this day emotionally and physically exhausting. With all that is going on so fast, Delaney still finds a way to stop, freeze time, smile and make us smile and listen to her show off her new nail polish (from yesterday), her beads of courage necklace, and point out her favorite parts of the movie that she is watching. Delaney is doing good considering, she is fierce, and holding her own. Mom and Dad are so proud of her, they lover her so much. As they tell Delaney every day, mommy and daddy are right by her side. Tonight is a big night and we hope things go well. Thank you for all the prayers, support, and love. GO TEAM DELANEY!!

Quote of the day "I am not afraid of storms, for I'm learning to sail my ship."

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