Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesday Update

This morning Delaney awoke happy. But by then mommy had already given her meds at 430 am, and daddy was up organizing paper work, and going through medical supplies. Next it was time to pack for an appointment and get things ready for the day, pack her medications, load up the wheel chair, food, and snacks, because we sometimes don't know how long things will go. We had an appointment for out patient chemotherapy at 10:30 AM and an appointment with Delaney's oncologist. The appointment went well. The Oncologist doctor says Delaney looks good and is improving. Some of her medication doses are being adjusted. Delaney's blood counts for the most part look good but her hemoglobin and platelets are still dropping. They are likely dropping to a range where she will need a blood and or platelets transfusion on Friday, so we are mentally trying to prepare for that. That will be a long day. Thursdays blood draw will indicate what we will need to do. The chemotherapy treatment was relatively quick, daddy held Delaney during the treatment, and mommy was off getting more medications refilled for this week. Toward the end of the chemotherapy treatment Sadie the therapy dog, who some of you may have heard of already, came by. Delaney enjoyed this and held Sadie's leash and fed her 2 treats. We got a smile there! Once back at home Delaney was able to get a well deserved nap. However, when she woke up she had some pretty good mood swings, this is very stressful, and frustrating trying to figure out if it is, nausea, recovering from the operation, posterior fossa syndrome, medications, all of the above, or the terrible 2's. But we are working at it, and it is a grind. Later this evening Delaney had a request for mommy, and that was to go and get her some french fries. And so that is what we did, anything to try to get the hunger and thirst drive back. Today we have done a better job at keeping her nausea under control. Like everything we are trying to create the best routine possible. It is almost time for her nightly injection of GCSF. The movie for the night is Toy Story 3, Delaney is getting sleepy, mommy and daddy are still right by her side, along with the rest of you from Team Delaney. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support. As always........GO TEAM DELANEY!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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