Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chemo Day 3 Round 2

Delaney slept solid through the night from 7pm until about 5 am. There was no episode of vomiting to report and for us it is a small victory. As it was the night before, we were up constantly changing diapers and linens on the bed when the diaper could not hold everything that she was wasting. Blood draws were at 4:30AM this morning and Daddy helped draw the blood for more practice and it was comforting for Delaney to have Daddy do it. This rolled into 5 AM and was the start of the day for Delaney. It began with watching The Little Mermaid! Mommy and Daddy tried their best to stay awake during the whole movie but we have to admit we both missed some scenes because our eye lids gave out on us. Today is a rough day for chemotherapy. It will consist of 2 drugs over a total of 7 hours. Not only will this take a toll on Delaney's body, it also has one if the biggest side effects, that being nausea. It can last can last up for 7 days after administration. Before the chemotherapy started Mommy and Daddy got Delaney ready to go for a ride in her Radio Flyer bike, and we did quite a few laps. This brought a smile to Delaney's face and she did not want to stop. However, it was tough on Mommy and Daddy to tell her we had to stop, but we had to get her back in bed so the treatment could begin. She had many ups and downs today with her mood, if you looked at Delaney the wrong way, you were bound to set her off in a mood swing. But with what she is going through she is entitled to a little bit of that. The mood swings are partly due to still being in the hospital after 4 days, but also the mixture of medications which she is on and the chemotherapy. Mommy and Daddy were worked hard today, but then they thought about what Delaney was going through and it was a quick change on our outlook, our day was not so bad. However, we did have more ups than downs. Delaney completed her chemotherapy at 630PM today. She endured the treatment with no vomiting or any obvious signs if discomfort. From there Delaney moved right on to a 18 hour IV drip. She will have 2 more out patient chemotherapy sessions the next two weeks to complete cycle 2. Delaney actually showed interest in going into the play room here at the hospital. She really enjoyed playing with all of the Potato Head toys. She wanted to go on walks with either Mommy or Daddy holding her on their shoulder or riding in her Radio Flyer bike. Our little fierce fighter proved once again she can take on anything made to break the spirit, body, and mind. In turn, laughing and smiling, right back in the face of adversity. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support! As always..........GO TEAM DELANEY!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!"

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