Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 22 Post Op

Today was a better day. As you know, Delaney got her stitches out! Of course the day was consumed with rides. She even got to take a therapy dog named Lassie for a walk!! Brother came by again today for a visit. Delaney really lights up when she sees him! He tried to push her in her wheel chair! Her heart rate seemed to be normal today. High 160's for the most part. We were relieved to see it lower than yesterday. It may have been due to a little dehydration, which we are working closely with the oncologist to monitor. The doctor is hoping for a pretty uneventful weekend. Just some PT, rest and hydration. Grandma came and read Delaney a bed time story, which she loved. One of Delaney's favorite nurses even came by for a visit on her day off! We plan on trying to get some rest tonight! We are both pretty anxious for chemo to start. Delaney is a tough girl and will do great. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that she will be cured! Thank you all for your love and support through this difficult time!


Quote of the day: "Life's challenges- you can't go over them, under them, or around them, you just have to go through them one day at a time."

Some funny facts about Delaney: Mommy is the only one who can put blankie on her feet. In fact, she purposely pulls her feet out of the blankie at night so I have to get out of bed to put them back. Daddy is the only one who can get her chocolate milk, but mommy is the only one who can feed her chocolate milk. She will watch the same movie over and over again all day, but mommy is the only one who can use the remote to start the movie. The nurses have given up on taking Delaneys BP and temp. Mommy is the only one who can do it! She's just too funny! Thought we would share!

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