Thursday, October 31, 2013


We are home. After 5 days at the hospital. Delaney remained strong through the night and did not vomit until this morning around 8 am. Mommy and Daddy were right by her side, suctioning what we could as she was vomiting, and consoling her at the same time. Nurses were at her bed side soon after, helping clean up Delaney, linens on the bed, and get more medications to administer. Mommy and Daddy hate to see Delaney vomit, but we do our best to manage it, because Delaney cannot explain or tell us what does not feel good. After Delaney was happy, and talking. We met with the oncologist doctor, and discussed everything in great detail and length. The oncologist doctor said once her eighteen hour IV drip was finished we could be discharged also she could not vomit again before we left. Her IV drip would be complete at 1pm. In the mean time Physical therapy came by, but it did not last long because Delaney was not feeling well. This was a morning to take things slow, and it was going to be on Delaney's schedule. 1 pm came, Delaney had not vomited, but just relaxed and played in bed, talking to Mommy and Daddy. Sadie one if her favorite therapy dogs came by to give and get love from Delaney. We were then discharged, we were all ready to go home. Mommy and Daddy had 5 days and nights of balled up, heavy emotions that we cannot simply explain or have others understand, unless you are living it or have lived it. Mommy and Daddy are exhausted (for lack if a better term), on the flip side we glance over at Delaney and are quickly reminded about who is really doing all the work, and has emotions that she cannot express or explain. It is then when there seems to be a splinter or clarity and we can breath for one moment, find that motivation, to make Delaney smile, make her comfortable, and help her fight through this. As we do every single day we give Delaney every single last ounce of ourselves for her. Delaney got a well needed nap on the ride back home from Oakland Kaiser. Grandma and brother were at home waiting for Delaney to arrive. She took turns sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's arms for most if the evening. Grandpa stopped by after work to check on Delaney and tell her he loved her. Mini Merlin and Delaney were playing with toys in the play room, and Delaney vomited again. It is rough, cancer, chemotherapy reaches out effects every little last area of your life and family. Back to cleaning up, administering medications, and preparing to do another dressing change over the Broviac, a sterile process. Delaney did very well at this, she was such a good help staying still while we removed the dressing and cleaned and applied the new dressing. Delaney went to bed later than usual, but that goes with coming home and adjusting. The chemotherapy takes a toll on Delaney, but she is fierce, she smiles, and still finds ways to play with brother, and make us smile. One day at a time. We want to express that every card received, gift, post on Facebook and every thing in between for Delaney is not missed by our family. Those gestures alone really make emotions pour out of us. Thank you Team Delaney. Thank you for all the prayers, support and love. As always ..... GO TEAM DELANEY!!

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