Sunday, October 27, 2013

Friday Night Highlights

Delaney woke up at 6am this morning and began to write another page of her story. She slept good through the night, and slept in past brother for once. As you could imagine Mini Merlin was anxiously awaiting for his sister to wake up, and once she did he was there smiling. When Delaney saw who was in front of her, her face she lit up and immediately grab brothers face and gave him a kiss. Both babies snuggled Mommy for a few moments this morning on either side of her, it was nice to see. Delaney's morning was going well. Mommy and Daddy were giving her her 9am medications and flushing her feed tube and she began to vomit, Mommy and Daddy did their best to get to her quick, help her, and keep the vomit off of her dressing covering the Broviac, making sure the vomit did not get under the dressing. Fortunately it did not, but none the less there was a mess to clean up. Brother had to sit in his high chair and watch Mickey Mouse club house while Mommy and Daddy tended to Delaney. We had to administer medications again, clean Delaney up, wash blankets and clothes, and made a call to Delaney's oncologist doctor. The vomiting is scary and brings Mommy and Daddy back to the memories and emotions of her diagnosis, because the only symptom Delaney presented was vomiting, which lasted for 16 days. Once things settled down, Delaney was happy, laughing, and playing with brother again. Shortly after, Delaney's physical therapist came by for a session for an hour or so. Delaney worked on reaching above her head, twisting while reaching for toys, and trying to bear weight on her legs and go through the motions of walking. She gets so excited but since she is uncoordinated it can become difficult to support her. Delaney is definitely on an upward trend for her physical therapy, Mommy and Daddy are proud. Delaney did not eat, snack, or drink that well today again, but we give her as many options as possible. Uncle Daniel, Aunt Rachael, and Brittany all stopped by to say hi to Delaney and check in on her. There were plenty of smiles going around. We have tried to keep up with our family tradition of Friday night pizza night, followed up with a cookie and a movie, but it just is not the same without Delaney eating pizza and asking for a cookie for dessert. Like everything else, we will get that back also someday. Tonight's movie selection was the Pixar production, Brave, Grandpa and Delaney like to watch this movie together, and that is what just they did. Mommy and Daddy will be busy organizing and packing tonight, in preparation for another admittance to the hospital for the start of cycle 2 of chemotherapy. And we will not forget to pack the support from all of Team Delaney with us. Thank you for the prayers, love, and support for our daughter and family. As always...... GO TEAM DELANEY!!!!

"And though she be but LITTLE, she is FIERCE!!!

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