Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 2 of Treatment

Day 2 of Treatment

Delaney slept well last night. We changed numerous wet diapers through out the night due to the fact that she is being pumped full of fluids to flush the chemo meds, and protect her bladder. One of her lumen caps on her broviac locked in the open position which needed immediate replacement because of the potential for infection. Daddy was taught and helped the nurse change it. To us this is a very stressful because it must be a sterile process. This happened during the morning blood draw. And of course, she was up at 6:30am demanding that mommy go get her pancakes, which Mommy did . The neurosurgeon team came in and said she is doing great. They cut her steroid dose in half again, which is good and we will continue to taper her until she can safely stop taking it. This keeps any potential swelling in the brain down. Delaney did not have much of an appetite today. She ate a pancake and only had 1 chocolate milk! She grazed on a few snacks here and there. This is a side effect of the chemotherapy. So again, we will be doing night time feeds via her NG tube. She seemed more irritable today, and generally not much energy but we got a few smiles in and only a few laps. However she let mommy paint her nails! Grandpa washed her blankey again, and Grandma was at Delaney's side, just where she wants her. This afternoon the nurse had Janice do a blood draw, through the broviac, which can be tricky due to Delaney's positioning. Janice also changed the other cap on her Broviac. The nurses said we did a great job! It will take some getting used to, but we will master it! Merlin also received some training today on how to administer a shot Delaney will be getting at home daily. There is so much to learn about the care that we have to give Delaney. Whenever there is down time, they have us getting signed off on different care procedures that we will be doing on Delaney, we are asking hundreds of questions, and just simply trying to process everything. Tomorrow Delaney will get a third round of chemotherapy. The drug on the 3rd day is known to cause nausea and vomiting for several days. It will be given over a 6 hour IV push. We are hoping the antiemedics will work and she won't get sick. It seems as though our stress level is constantly through the roof, but we are managing it better. Thank you for prayers, support, and love!


Quote of the day

"The whisper of a pretty girl can be heard further than the roar of a lion."

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