Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 4 of Treatment

The night was long, exhausting and the day began at 4am. Form there the day was just as relentless. Last night Delaney's heart rate continued to be elevated and hovered at 190-200 bpm form about 2 am until 9 am. We ended up staying on the the floor in the pediatric ward, turning the audible alarms to silence every three minutes because Delaney's heart was beating faster than the parameters the monitor was set to. The oncologist doctor in charge of Delaney called 2 times during the night to follow her progress, he really does care for Delaney and us. The physicians ordered a blood gas sample early in the morning to check and see how hard her heart was working. It came back clear in the normal parameters. The neurosurgeon team ordered another echocardiogram this morning to have the cardiologist look at her heart and make sure everything checks was good and clear to our relief. Having this knowledge the doctors are confident that the tachycardia is due to medication, and now at 10 pm tonight has finally slowed. Delaney did good she did not vomit last night but was very restless. The day zipped by and did not care if we could keep up. There was 2 physical therapy sessions, where Delaney showed vast improvement holding her head up in bed, and playing with beads and string for her motor skills. She did not have an appetite except for chocolate milk and bits of food here and there. The day was full of rest, hydration, and keeping back the nausea. Grandma and Grandpa came out as they always do and she spent quality time with them laughing and talking a little. Janice then had to go and visit another Kaiser building for a tour of the pediatric infusion clinic for out patient chemotherapy. Then every 7 days the dressing for the Broviac must be changed and again this is a very sterile process, we were taught, signed off, then had to show we could complete a dressing change on our daughter. We completed the dressing change and did well, however Delaney vomited, something we were hoping to avoid. This ruined the dressing change. Delany was given Ativan, anti nausea medication, she needed to be bathed, have her bedding changed, her Broviac dressing changed again, change two caps on the Broviac because of contact with vomit. Next mommy drew up the GCSF shot daddy had to administer to start to build up her white blood cell count. All this we will be doing at home as well. We are hoping that Delaney does not have any more episodes of vomiting tonight and that we can all get some rest or a nap. But tomorrow is another day. We are going for a restful night! Delaney will be ready for tomorrow and tonight with mommy and daddy right by her side. We have to give a special thank you to Nurse Victoria who stayed 2 hours after she had clocked out to keep an eye on Delaney, and us. Like all of our nurses, she is amazing! Thank you Team Delaney, your prayers, love, and support are truly heart felt.


Quote of the day “I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.”

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